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In the remote village of Dedham a old myth about a man hanging himself on a tree in unusual circumstances is popular amongst the village. On Halloween 1902, Alice and her friend Alexis are late to the church, they see a shadow thinking it's just an adult running home to get something. But was it? Strange things happen and it seems as the myth is playing out in front of them. Will this kill them bboth? or not.....


10. threat

Once Mr.Sharma had done this, the suspicion that I had earlier that infact he was changing into something abnormal, that wasn't human, at all. That feeling of kindness, happiness when he came in had now left me. That feeling came again, the feeling of death, sense of him turning into something non-human. A cloud went over the shimering, bright sun for a split second. A sound of pain and anger escaped Mr.Sharma's lips, revelling even in the unlit room, a set of pointed yellow and black teeth. They where sharp and pointed, his hair falling like snow all around him. His nails were before short and rounded  but now they became sharp as well as pointed. It was as though he had knives stuck onto his nail bed. The cloud eventually went over once again revealling what I have feard most for the past few days. He was being changed, his black hair was begining to bald but now it had fell surrounding his feet. His head was completely bald, shining in the light from the sun. I pulled my self upright, breathing heavily. I closed my eyes, I am scared.

"Look after me god, please, please don't leave me!" I begged.

The thing that had taken over mr.Sharma snarled at me, showing me it's miss shapen, rotten teeth. His eyes had gone from a previous bright blue like the mediteraniun sea to the deepest, bloodiest red. He raised his hands to me, his sharp, long nails towards me. He snarled again, tipping his head to one side. He suddenly spoke in a deep, threatening voice that scared me more than his appaerance.

"You will die and there's nothing you can do or say about it. I am the same devil who took over you, a matter of less than 24 hours ago, young one. It's no use you praying to your god, I'm your god. I will get you, you won't live. I've got your little friend Alexis, such a snotty uper class brat, isn't she?"

His face turned concerned, lips making an unhappy face; barly covering his teeth.

"Why on earth do you think that I'm manipulating you? Why should I do that? You are an sickly, ginger child. Your mum wants to put you up for adoption, your father stopped her of course... Said he wanted to keep you, he wanted to have children of his own. I loathe you child, your a stupid, idiotic child."

I was shocked in what he was saying, I couldn't believe any of it. Nothing what he said made any sense at all. Why would mum put me up for adoption. My eyes were shut tight and when I opened them again I realised that he was stood right in my face. His face just centimeters from mine, his thin lips revealing his teeth. His breath stinking of what seemed to me as fresh blood. I turned my face away, closing my eyes once more. I didn't know what to do. I was scared. He got hold of my face with his hands, his nails digging right into my soft, freckled skin.

"You are so ignorant young child, I will get you. You wait.. I'll get you one day."

Then just as quickly as he appeard to become an threat to me he had transformed to the Mr.Sharma I knew. The black hair that was left on the floor, floated up and placed itself on to his head. Arangeing it just as it had been before. His eyes that where the deepest red changed back to the meditaraniun blue that I knew so well. His nails that were long and pointed shrunk back to the short rounded nails. His arms were wide open and after a few minutes or so, a little orb left his body and left through the open window. After a few seconds he smiles at me, his teeth now white and perfectly straight. He went straight back to the window and opened the purple flowered curtains revealling (once again) the window. There were a group of people seated on the hard wooden benches outside. A little new born was crying in it's fathers arms while the dead body of it's mother was carried on a large metal trolley. The body was covered with a white blanket. I could see the face, she had bright ginger hair like me and the same length as me too. Her eyes were also the same shape as mine, I couldn't see what colour her eyes were though because she was dead. Her almond eyes shut tight. The man stood up ; following the doctor and a couple of nurses to the end of the corridoor. A nurse took the little baby out of it's fathers arms. Two older couples followed slowly behined them, the ones nearest to me were probabally the paternals parents, while the other couple where the maternal. They carried some flowers, which were pink primroses like the ones that we have in our front garden. Mr.Sharma noticed what I was looking at and told me.

"She was only 28; died during childbirth I believe. I think they called her Hollie-may, after her mother."

He picked up his piece of paper and his pen, leaving me alone in this room. I felt rather shaken and  shocked. How could he be so calm and collected after he did that? Maybe he did not remember doing any of the things. I have to tell someone, I'll tell dad tonight.

Outside my room Mr.Sharma was talking to the nurse that was in here earlier and to another one which I suspected was new too. They looked at me rather suspicously, like I was a strange bug that they have never seen before. When Mr.Sharma noticed that I was staring, he smiled and waved at me. One of the nurses rolled her eyes at me, giving me a devilish smile. Something wasn't right, so I smiled and looked out of the window. Some birds were sqauking rather loudly. On the street, there was someone acting rather suspicous. He seemed not quite with it. He was also bald, standing by him was someone wearing a blue turtle neck jumper and ripped shorts. In his right hand he held a piece of string which held a dog. A old lady walked past giving them some money, she talked to them for a few minutes after before she left. They stood there for a few minutes after the old lady left and in a blink of an eye they vanished.

"How strange." I said to myself.

"Strange is it, what is strange young one?" Said the voice.

I gulped and turned my head around. It was the man, the man who took over Mr.Sharma and it was he who tried to kill my best friend Alexis. The only thing I could do was scream, but all I came out with was a muffled sigh. The thing just smiled at me. Mr.Sharma looked over his shoulder as if he just heard something, but looked confused. He didn't see the thing there, he couldn't help me because he couldn't see the creature who was in my room, who could possibly kill me. It lay it's cold, hard wrinkly hand over my quivering lips.

"No-one can hear or see me."

Tears came automatically down my face like running tap water. There was nothing I could do now. This is it... 


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