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In the remote village of Dedham a old myth about a man hanging himself on a tree in unusual circumstances is popular amongst the village. On Halloween 1902, Alice and her friend Alexis are late to the church, they see a shadow thinking it's just an adult running home to get something. But was it? Strange things happen and it seems as the myth is playing out in front of them. Will this kill them bboth? or not.....


16. smiles

Her long fingers wrapped around the metallic bars that trapped me, her fingers represented small snakes coiling up the bars, long, slender and thin. The colour of her skin contrasted with the flame of the candle light ; orange was the flame, her skin pale as snow. She slowly came to sight, her nortical top matched her blue cropped jeans and leather boots decorated with beads. Her hair usually extremely well-kept and smooth, shines in the bright sunlight ; was now blackened with the crumbled dust. I remember her being a blonde with honey coloured highlights, the highlights were blackened with the dust. Her face was once rather a oval shape like mine, but her cheek bones were quite prominate. The light fell onto  her face revealing that infact Alexis face shape was tight around the bone, that her clothes were baggy around her stomach and her thighs. This scared me ; she looked anorexic, she was normally quite slim but it seemed that she had lost about 4 stone in a matter of twelve hours. I stood up wairily, my hands shaking.

"I've got some left-over crisps, you have them." I mumbled.

I thumbled around in my jean pocket, feeling for the crisp packet. A look of anger and pure concerntration flowed onto my face as I felt for the lost packet of salted crisps. After a couple of minutes I switched hands and felt for the packet in my other jean pocket. After a few seconds I felt something crunch benith my hard clutch, making a noise like I trod on a group of leaves. I smiled wairily. I took another step towards Alexis holding the crisp packet in my left hand, before swapping it to my right. I stumbled over a smallpile of unwanted rocks in my path. I swore casually under my breaath, hearing that Alexis was tutting I smiled. I giggled childleshly as if it was just a game, she joined in. She put her long arm through the gap of the bars and gently shoved me, as a joke. I took a step back or so, wobblyinng slightly using my arms to balance me, quickly grabbing onto the nearest bar, which was in front of me.

"Sorry." Alexis croaked.

I handed over the crisp packet over to Alexis, she grabbed it. Not in a rude  way, but it seemed that she hasn't eaten in a while, which I guessed from seeing her in her abnormally baggy clothes which in fact used to fit her, but not now. Alexis scoffed down the crisps that I gave her, a look of pleasure swept accross her face. She sighed happily before crumpleing up the crisp packet in her right hand and throughing it somewhere into the depths of the dark room that stood around the caged area. I could hear it counce off a wall somewhere to my right and resting on the floor.

"How are you?" I questioned, letting my head slightly drop to my left. My eyes bright with questions that I wanted to ask her.

She looked down, sniffing slightly before she rerpling to my question. After a few seconds that to me felt like forever she said:
"Well, thank-you. Obviously hungry, as you saw."

A scuffleing sound came from the other side of the room, the noise that I heard earlier. It was if someone was kicking at the wall, leaving rubble behined. A loud cough ecohed through the large cell.

"Don't worry, it's just Lucas. He got kid-napped and was taken down here like the two of us." She whispered, she winked.

Alexis knew I fancied Lucas. He was tall, blonde, blue eyes, smart, funny, romantic... I could go on.... I've liked him since the first day I set eyes onto him at Alexis party a year or two ago. I smiled once again, a light was lit in my eyes and it was if I started to melt inside.

"ALEXIS! WHERE ARE YOU!" Lucas yelled, rather loud.

When he shouted, you could hear him from a mile away! That was the only thing that put me off him, when he shouted it seemed as he meant it although he didn't.

"I'm over here, where the water leak is." Alexis & I chourassed.

We giggled together, loudly. I got into my snorting fit before dropping straight onto the floor. Alexis put her hand over her mouth rolling her eyes at Lucas, telling me to stop. Pointing out that I should probabally stop if I didn't want to embaress myself in front of Lucas ; which I certernaitly did not want to do. Lucas's footsteps suddenly became louder before stopping in front of Alexis and myself. I was still sat on the floor, Lucas giving me a strange look. I quickly stood up trying (gracefully) not to fall over. I nearly did but I grabbed onto the metal bar. My foot kicking onto a padlocked door, strangely enough it opened without any pulling or trying to cut at it. It just swung open like a door would if a person pushed it hard or wind pushed it open. It creeked slightly like a old door would do. I smiled brightly, another weight lifted off my shoulder.


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