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In the remote village of Dedham a old myth about a man hanging himself on a tree in unusual circumstances is popular amongst the village. On Halloween 1902, Alice and her friend Alexis are late to the church, they see a shadow thinking it's just an adult running home to get something. But was it? Strange things happen and it seems as the myth is playing out in front of them. Will this kill them bboth? or not.....


20. rest

Around my limbs, a strong whipping sensation covered my cold, lifeless body. Now, the violent shaking stopped and yet this sensation carried on; continuously lashing out every couple of seconds when the previous whip had stopped.

Thoughts of anger, desperation and hope flooded through my confused and desolate brain. I hoped that I could live through this, but a small part of me knew that there was a probable chance that I could be breathing in my last breath before I was laid in a shiny oak coffin and buried underground. The thought of dying scared me, but I knew that if I stayed in the large, dark and cold prison that I could've been killed anyways. So, this was the perfect time to, at least, save my own life.

At some point my eyes which were open during this process closed tight. In the distance a bright light; rather like the sun, began to shine brighter and brighter as it neered towards me. My once quick and sharp breaths suddenly slowed and calmed me down. It seemed as if the light was saying to me "I won't hurt you." Yes, I did believe the message the light was giving me only because I knew then that my life was over. I was there to embrace death with a smile and open arms.

Quickly as the light appeard from the sea of darkness, it engulfed my body , lifting it up and moving me through the depths of the bright yellow light. I felt completely weightless; air rushing past my arms and legs. The sensation was beautiful with comparison to the last. A thought came to me: death was truly beautiful.

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