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In the remote village of Dedham a old myth about a man hanging himself on a tree in unusual circumstances is popular amongst the village. On Halloween 1902, Alice and her friend Alexis are late to the church, they see a shadow thinking it's just an adult running home to get something. But was it? Strange things happen and it seems as the myth is playing out in front of them. Will this kill them bboth? or not.....


11. fright

I lay on the bed, not knowing what his next unexpected move was. "Think positive thoughts." I told myself. Maybe I would be harder to manipulate that way. His stinking hand was stuck on my face as if he used glue to put it on there. Tears was still flowing down my pale, freckled face. Panic filled through me, but I tried to think happier thoughts. I thought of my 10th birthday and when father had bought me teddy, and the time when I played with my cat in the warm summer heat.

The animal was wincing with pain, the stronger the memory, smell, sound the more pain it was in. His hand was away from my mouth at this point and I was glad it was. I laughed when I remembered the time, only a few weeks ago, when Alexis and myself where playing with Jameson (my dog) on the vast countryside walk. The heat of the sun shone on our backs. The coldness of the water was splashing on our dresses, Making me smile. Our laughter clear and loud; surrounding the vast, hill covered countryside. My eyes opened once again seeing the rugid figure shaking rather violently against the hard, white washed wall. He was crying out for help and it was obvious he was in extreem pain. I knew that soon, a nurse will come in and I thought this for a split second. I looked up and he was staggering towards me, still in pain because he was still wincing and I was thinking at the back of my mind about when Jameson was a puppy.

I picked up my water jug, which had still had my water in from earlier in this rather hetic un-planned day. My hands were shaking and the jug was vibrating with it too.

"Don't even think.." He said.

I through the jug in his general direction, the water splashed onto him while the glass jug shattered on the tiled floor. The glass flew up to him.

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