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In the remote village of Dedham a old myth about a man hanging himself on a tree in unusual circumstances is popular amongst the village. On Halloween 1902, Alice and her friend Alexis are late to the church, they see a shadow thinking it's just an adult running home to get something. But was it? Strange things happen and it seems as the myth is playing out in front of them. Will this kill them bboth? or not.....


15. figures

I felt wide awake, my eyes  wide open with panic and fear, confusion was boiling somewhere deep down inside me too. My face was more relaxed before the "thing" came ; my face tightened up immediently. My eyes rolled slightly, glimpsing what seemed to be something or someone. The elephant was back ; and it wasn't happy. Inside my head I could feel as if any second the elephant was going to charge at me, from the other side of the great overpowering bars.

"What do you want!" My voice shaking, but I shouted loudly. I took in a deep breath through my white gritted teeth.

A muffled sound came from beyond the metallic bars. It seemed as if someone was kicking the small pile of rubble that crashed down earlier. The candle lit cage was filled with orange, but beond the metal bars in which trapped me from the outside world, I could bareley see the wall where I supposed the ghostly figure stood. I could just make out a distinqtive shadow near the wall, it was small ; not what I was expecting.

"Who is it?" My voice again was wobbly, but I tried to make it sound threatening.

"Oh, it's you." The voice replied. It sounded familiar, very feminine, very Alexis. The figure came closer, my head slightly tilted towards the bars.

I was shaking ; once again. But this time I wasn't shaking of fear because I didn't know what was coming , I was shaking because I was excited and the voice I reconised I supposed was the voice of Alexis.

The figure came closer and closer, it seemed as if the figure of the person was wary, it seemed as if it didn't know it was me or it wasn't to sure if someone else was in the cage with me. It came closer and I reconised who it was.

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