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In the remote village of Dedham a old myth about a man hanging himself on a tree in unusual circumstances is popular amongst the village. On Halloween 1902, Alice and her friend Alexis are late to the church, they see a shadow thinking it's just an adult running home to get something. But was it? Strange things happen and it seems as the myth is playing out in front of them. Will this kill them bboth? or not.....


25. Arrival

I woke up to the continuous feeling of weightlessness , relaxed and some what happy. Carefully, I extended my neck which was curved upwards. As I attempted to do so, a rippling pain slid snakily down the bone, stopping at the base of my spine. A loud scream escaped my dry mouth.

My clammy eyes burst open and I realised that I was at home laying on my bed. Wait a minute.. I was on my bed? I quickly came to an conclusion that I had a growth spurt and that I needed to tell my father that I needed a new bed.

Quickly I jumped out of my bed, letting out a little moan as I hit my head on the way. My feet cold as if they were made of ice hurried me over to the little box which had my name written on it. A large black bag sat on the red and white striped material and as I picked it up a note fell onto the wooden floor. Picking it up, I read the note warily.

To my darling daughter,

When you read this, I am probably still asleep. I will take you to school when you wake me up from my much needed slumber.

Love from,
Your father.

A third moan escaped my lips as I read what my dad had written. Annoyingly, I could hear a deep and heavy creek outside my bedroom door. Guessing that it was my father, I called out to him.

"Had a good sleep father?"
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