The creature

Just a oridnary girl, but where she has ended up in a room with a undead creature. Will the girl survive or will she eaten alive.


1. The room.

I shifted in my corner of the four walled room. I looked down at my hands and feet. They were caked in dirt. How I got here was another question.

I was shivering from the terrifying coldness that entered my body with no invitation. There was window across from me, showing a clear moon lit sky. The moon looked helpless in the almightiness of the dark blue sky. As I focused outside the window, I heard a shuffling in the far corner of this dark confinement.


The shuffling noise came closer until I heard it above my head.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on their end. I felt a foul breathe touch my skin, making my hair coil and wither, like a dead plant.


The creature cricked its neck 360 degrees, then as if deciding what to do. It jumped on the other side of the damp wall and looked straight at me, its yellow beady eyes, dark black fingernails, long hair covering the face of the creature.


With the eerie silence eating away at me, the creature began to scream. The scream painted the walls a violent red, the scream was too much for my ears, blood oozed down my shoulder.

The creature hurtled towards me with great speed, with those yellow beady eyes full of hunger and greed. Unfortunately in my chase I was the only one that couldn't move.


My mind was racing of what to do, but it was too late. The creature pounced with such force that it engraved its nails into my stomach.

My blood dribbled down making an eerie pattern on the floor. From the loss of blood I blacked out.



For a brief moment my mind could be at peace.

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