Still the One

All the boys had met great girls over the summer,
Elizabeth (aka Lely)

But since its not summer and its a few years later, the boys are starting to feel the stress about Family, Friends and Their new album, Take Me Home. What happens when lely is pregnant? Will Joie and Louis spilt? Is Elenor going to take Louis heart again? What happens to Katie and Harry, will they start a new family? Is Josh going to come back into the boys life? So many questions to wonder, Find out in the next Sequel... "Still The One" (This is the sequel from Everything About You)


3. Getting to a hotel


*Harry’s POV.*

I couldn’t believe I would be meeting Katie’s parents but also be seeing the father of her mother. I held Katie and she rested, it was one in the morning and I couldn’t help but think, the funeral from what I heard is 2nd day we are there. I felt Katie stir; she kept saying “Poppy” I tried to rock her to see if she can get comfortable. But it wasn’t working.

*Katie’s POV.*

*My Dream*

“Poppy” I smiled running towards him. The purple wild flowers were popping up everywhere; I could smell the roses from my nanny’s garden. “Hey bug” he picked me up and my braided pigtails had curls coming out. “Poppy can we go on the four-wheeler?” he chuckled, “Sure.” As I got on the big four-wheeler, he started it up and got on. I laughed as we turned the corners, as we got closer to another corner he went faster and then it hit us. A semi-truck, it didn’t damage it too much, but I saw poppy on the ground, unconscious and bleeding, “Poppy! Poppy wake up! “The truck driver called 911 as I tried waking him up.

*end of dream*

“POPPY!” I sat up in my bed sweat pouring from my face and tears running down my face, I look to see Lely and Zayn in me and Harry’s room, “Lely! It was terrible!” she hugged me tightly as I cried into her shoulder, she let go and I went into the arms of harry. He looked upset to and he was crying. I couldn’t bear it, I had to see him.

*Next Day*



Our plane was supposed to leave at 4 in the morning so Lely and I, Zayn and Harry got no sleep because of me. We stayed up watching T.V,”Guys I’m sorry if I kept you up.” Lely spoke up saying, “It’s not your fault. Remember we are Nebers and BB buddies!” I laughed as hard as I looked over and Harry and Zayn have confused faces. I laughed harder as I felt my ding on my iphone5 go off, it was time to go. I heard Niall voice as he was telling Kaylinn to hurry up in the Limousine. I grab my bag as I saw harry give me an evil face, “I will get you back for making me carry the suitcases.” I laughed,” Sure babe.” As we got into the Limo Lely and Zayn had fallen asleep as Joie and Louis were too. I and Harry looked at each other as I got my camera out, my first picture of all of us going to Florida. I took one of Zayn and Lely and then Louis and Joie, Niall and Kaylinn were eating a bag of chips still talking quietly to each other.

*Lely’s POV.*

We were on the plane as I looked out the window and I felt his lips against my cheek, I giggled as I turned around and kissed his lips. I smiled as I started up my computer, I had started my Facebook when I saw a message from my mom, weird I’m going to see her in a couple of hours. “Lely, I can’t wait to see you, we need to discuss some things with you about Zayn.”

I looked at Zayn and saw him read the message, “Zayn what is she talking about?” he shrugged. OH well I guess I’m going to find out.

*couple of hours*

We were finally landing and I was excited to get to Florida. I got into the bus that we rented to get to Florida and we drove off, it was going to be 4 hour trip so I had to be occupied, I grabbed my iPod and it was Harry and Katie sitting next to us in the back. I grabbed the headphones and told Katie to put on in her ear. She nodded put one in as I turned up Live while were young. We were doing the row.


I was so tired, we had got a suite and everyone was sharing. So everyone had their own room, I was actually excited but I think everyone was ready for sleep. As I finally settle down to sleep with Zayn, I heard him start humming to me, running his fingers through my hair I had fallen asleep to him, his beautiful voice, his protective body over me, I loved it.

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