Still the One

All the boys had met great girls over the summer,
Elizabeth (aka Lely)

But since its not summer and its a few years later, the boys are starting to feel the stress about Family, Friends and Their new album, Take Me Home. What happens when lely is pregnant? Will Joie and Louis spilt? Is Elenor going to take Louis heart again? What happens to Katie and Harry, will they start a new family? Is Josh going to come back into the boys life? So many questions to wonder, Find out in the next Sequel... "Still The One" (This is the sequel from Everything About You)


2. a rocky start to Florida.


*Niall POV.*

I saw Kaylinn come downstairs and smiled, “Hey Babe.” I smiled back walking towards her, wrapping my arms around her waist. “How did you sleep?” she kissed my lips gently, “Well I couldn’t because we were too busy last night.” I laughed, “Well I think partying isn’t that much of a big deal.” She giggled and went back upstairs putting some day-time clothes on, I started cooking food for Lunch, Nando’s was the only thing I couldn’t cook but buy. I watched her flowingly come downstairs; I thought my heart skipped a beat. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, as I took it out there was a text from the boys, wanting to fly out to Florida for our getaway month. I looked at Kaylinn eating the Perri-Perri chicken I had got her, “Hey Kay, how about we go to Florida to visit your family?” she looked up slowly; her face didn’t have an expression on it. “Well Nialler, I want to go home badly, but I don’t know about you meeting my family yet.” I nodded, grabbing her hand, “I would really like to.” I smiled, I made a face to wear me smiled but pouted, “Fine...” I heard her say, I kissed her running upstairs.

*Leeann POV.*

I watched Liam sleeping, his breathing was slow as his chest would rise and fall again. His hair was shaved but soft as a blanket. I start running my fingers through it; I kissed his nose when I saw his eyes flutter open. “Good Morning love.” I smiled and kissed him softly on the lips, his lips felt like rose pedals, gentle and soft. “Good Morning to you too.” He smiled, kissed my neck, “Lee…We are going to Florida to visit your families.” I looked at him and said, “When?” he chuckled, “In a week or so?” I jumped up and smiled at him, “We better start packing then.”

*Lely’s POV.*

I had just talked to Zayn about our getaway weekend, we didn’t want to just go to Florida to visit family, but have time to start a family. As me and Zayn and Niall and Kaylinn went to get passports I saw Josh, but with a girl and I knew exactly who it was. “Quinlan?” I ran over and we both hugged, we had met at a camp once and we haven’t seen each other since. “Hey Lely!” Josh looked at us like we were crazy, “Q-Quin, how do you know her?” I saw her look at me and shrug, “Me and Lely are sort of connected, with Katie Joie Kaylinn and Leeann, we all know each other from camp.” He nodded, “Oh.” I felt a pair of arms wrapped around my waist; I knew they were there for a reason Zayn didn’t want me around Josh. Quinlan spoke up, “We were just heading to Florida to visit my family.” I smiled, “We were getting our passports to go to Florida we leave next week, hope to see you there.” We went out of the airport and Niall and Kaylinn got into the van, “Josh is dating one of your friends. That is a little strange, maybe we should give him another chance you know? “I sighed I really didn’t know if we should, he first hurt harry, try to get kaylinn and hurt her in the process. Maybe he did change but he couldn’t have done it by himself, Quinlan probly helped.

*Katie’s POV.*

It was already Tuesday I couldn’t believe it. We leave tomorrow to visit our families; I missed my mom and dad. I watched as the guys and kaylinn and joie were playing football outside, then I heard my phone go off. “Hello? Oh hey mom.” I felt my heart stop, I couldn’t believe it. I felt tears running down my face as I felt my mother sobbing into the phone. “Mom I-is he really dead.” I cried more, as I looked out the window to see Louis look at me. She told me yes and we both said bye, I covered my face with my hands and cried, my grandpa, the man that I grew up with and loved had died. I felt arms around me as I looked up to see Louis, “Katie what’s wrong?” I started calming down more, “Louis My grandpa died.” I started crying into his chest as he rocked me in his arms. I was so divested I wanted to go now, but I have to wait. As I finally calm down, I saw Harry walk in and Louis left knowing I wanted to talk to him. “H-Harry…” he looked at me and I covered my face again trying not to cry, “Katie Tell me what’s wrong?” with his concerned face I finally told him everything. “Katie I’m so sorry, we will go tomorrow just please wait.” I nodded my head and fell asleep in his arms as he hummed a song I’ve never heard before but fell in love with it every single minute of it. 

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