Still the One

All the boys had met great girls over the summer,
Elizabeth (aka Lely)

But since its not summer and its a few years later, the boys are starting to feel the stress about Family, Friends and Their new album, Take Me Home. What happens when lely is pregnant? Will Joie and Louis spilt? Is Elenor going to take Louis heart again? What happens to Katie and Harry, will they start a new family? Is Josh going to come back into the boys life? So many questions to wonder, Find out in the next Sequel... "Still The One" (This is the sequel from Everything About You)


6. A perfect




*Harry’s POV.*

I heard a small cry from the room next to me. Katie was sound asleep as I got up I walked into the room to see Ashley crying. “Ash what wrong?” I walked over wiping my eyes of sleepiness, “I’m scared of the dark.” I froze, why didn’t she tell us? I walked over turning the light on. “Do you want me to stay with you?” she nodded her head wiping the still running tears from her eyes, I went back into my room grabbed a pillow and laid on the bed next to her, “Now go to sleep ok? I’ll be here when you wake up.” She slowly let her eyelids close, making her fall asleep. I watch as she held onto her doll, her curls falling over her face, I pushed them away kissing her forehead. I thought of how I first met Katie, she was perfect and I wanted to have kids with her, A daughter would be nice, to spoil her to death, push away the curls from her eyes, put cute little dresses on her. I slowly fell asleep thinking of kids with Katie.

*Next Day*

“HAZZA!”I woke up with a startled from Ashley, “Can you make me pancakes?” I chuckled and nodded taking her hand and guiding her to the kitchen. “What kind would you like?” she looked around and I grinned, “Chocolate?” she nodded her head quickly. I got out the ingredients and made the batter, I poured it into the pan and waited, “Ashley what kind of drink do you want?” she tapped her finger on her chin, I smiled, “Chocolate Milk?” she giggled saying, “Just don’t tell Katie!” I smiled and made her Chocolate milk when I heard footsteps, “What time is it?” I looked to see Little Katie sitting by Ashley, “It’s only 10:30 in the morning.” She smiled and said, “I-Is that Chocolate pancakes and Chocolate milk, I wonder who asked for that?” glaring at Ashley. I heard another pair of footsteps as I see Katie come down, my beautiful fiancé. “Hey babe!” she looked up and come over kissing my cheek, I pouted and pointed to my lips, she whispered, “Later.” I smirked; I flipped the last pancake and put them onto the table. Ashley grabbed two pancakes and poured syrup on them. My eyes watched as she was getting sticky from eating the pancakes. Katie’s got one to start and I got two, Today was going to fun I just know it. “So would you guys want to go to the park? Then at 6 we will go to Rogers’s farm.” They looked at me then at Katie, “Are you serious?” Ashley and Katie pretty much jumped into their seats, “I thought Daddy was picking us up at 12?” I saw Katie sort of frown, “I’ll text him.” I grabbed him plates putting them in the dishwasher. Niall and Kaylinn, Lely and Zayn, walked in. Niall had a cast on his arm and Lely had bruises. “How are you guys feeling?” They both nodded, “Well….We are heading to the park you guys want to come? We can take the van?” The couple nodded their heads at each other and I grabbed the keys, Katie came down with Little Katie and Ashley, They were adorable, Especially Ashley, I’m growing to her. “Ok who is ready for some fun?” They jumped and cheered and I saw Ashley run towards the van. I chuckled, and buckled her up as I got into the driver’s side, “Is everyone ready?” I heard Niall and Kaylinn yell and Lely and Zayn smile. Little Katie and Ashley were buckled up on the front seat and I took Katie’s hand with mine, rubbing it gently. “Hey Katie, What should we do first?” she smiled, “I think we should let them on the swings. It’s huge.” I had gotten excited; I haven’t been on one of those since….Who knows when?

*Zayn’s POV.*

I looked at Lely; she had bags under her eyes. It was going to take a while for her to recover; I kissed her which was being held with mine

(You’re hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me)

I loved seeing her every day, I can’t stand losing her.

(But bear this in mind it was meant to be)

Our hands fit together like a puzzle piece, her eyes were beautiful, Like….softness. I looked up at Niall and Kaylinn, something wasn’t right. Kaylinn wasn’t smiling anymore; her eyes have bags under them. Niall had his arm around her shoulders, she looked…really skinny.

*Katie’s POV.*

We had pulled up to the park, it was the only the best for kids. Since it was fall, the leaves were everywhere, orange, brown, green. It made me smile; it feels like we are getting older and older and leaves just kept falling. Little Katie grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the merry-go-round and I spinned it, I had missed my sisters. It had looked like Harry had gotten used to Ashley, they seemed cute together. I took pictures and posted to twitter “@Harry Styles don’t think you could spend time with your fiancé instead of her sister.J” I tweeted it, I saw harry pull his phone out and smile, and tweeted back, “@KT1404 Yea well You could have kissed me this morning but no you didn’t ;)” I smiled and yelled over to him, “Hey Styles get your butt over here and let me kiss you.” He smirked and ran over picking me up spinning me around kissing me gently, I laughed as he held me bridal style, I heard a click and saw Ashley grabbed Harry’s phone and took a picture, “Daddy’s going to love this.” My smile turned into a frown, “Don’t send it to daddy ash.” Harry noticed my frown and put me down and said, “Why not? Doesn’t he know Katie?” I looked down, “No….I haven’t spoken to him in 5 years.” Harry’s eyes literally popped out of his head, I never talked about my dad…or my mom.

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