Still the One

All the boys had met great girls over the summer,
Elizabeth (aka Lely)

But since its not summer and its a few years later, the boys are starting to feel the stress about Family, Friends and Their new album, Take Me Home. What happens when lely is pregnant? Will Joie and Louis spilt? Is Elenor going to take Louis heart again? What happens to Katie and Harry, will they start a new family? Is Josh going to come back into the boys life? So many questions to wonder, Find out in the next Sequel... "Still The One" (This is the sequel from Everything About You)


7. A perfect Fall 2


*Katie’s POV.*

Harry stared at me which seemed a long time, in till he spoke up. “K-Katie….I thought Todd and Denise were you’re real parents.” I chewed on the inside of my cheek, I didn’t feel like explaining in front of Ashley and Katie, “Can we talk later?” he gave me a look and nodded his head. We continued playing with the girls till it was 5:30, “Girls we better go home. If you guys still want to go to Roger’s Farm!” I looked at Ashley and Katie run to the car, I smiled and walked arm and arm with Harry to the car. This was going to be a fun night.

*Lely’s POV.*

As we drove back and I felt very tired, it would be nice to sleep but I haven’t been to Rogers’s farm since...well high school. As we pulled up to the suite, I ran in and flopped on the bed, and then I felt someone kiss my head. “Zanier….. Can you keep me warm tonight?” I heard him chuckle, “Sure but we need to get ready. Come on” I felt him poke my side and I jumped, glaring at him. He smiled, grabbing my hand; I moaned not wanting to move. I saw Katie and the girls sitting on the couch. Ashley and Little Katie watching Carly, I heard Ashley laugh and I couldn’t help my giggle myself. “Alright girls let’s go!” I heard harry behind me and I grabbed Zayn, we were driving our own car with Liam and Leeann in the back. So was Kaylinn and Niall, I saw them whispering to themselves and smiling. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, it always made people smile. “Zayn, I’m taking you through the maze first!” he looked at me raising an eyebrow. He kept his eyes back on the road and as we pulled up, I saw memories flash through my brain. Me and Katie with our friend Jessie riding the hay ride, it was our 9th grade year and it was problem the best year we have had from the previous ones. I saw the animals to my left as we walked in, the privillion straight with a stand with cotton candy and caramel apples. I smelled the hay and all sorts food when we got there, I couldn’t help but think, I can’t believe I’m engaged to the guy I’ve daydreamed about since I was a kid, and now I got my wish and I’m in my hometown walking around with him. “Come on Zanier lets go to the corn maze!” as we took a small hayride towards it, it was a lot bigger than the last time I saw it. Zayn looked worried.

*Kaylinn’s POV.*

I can’t believe I have been doing this. All I wanted was to get a little skinnier for Niall to love me more. I saw where he had grabbed my hand kissing it, keeping his on the road still, I felt like dying, and I won’t but I don’t know how long I can keep being Anorexia. As we pulled up, I could smell the hotdogs, and the smell of cotton candy, I needed to take my mind else where. I took Niall’s hand and followed Lely and Zayn on the hay ride, I laughed at Niall making fun of Zayn and how worried he looked. “Nialler, Stop that you know he is just a little kid.” Everyone busted out laughing expect Zayn, but lely kissed his cheek and he smiled down at her. I caught Niall at the corner of my eye watching me,  I turned to look at him as well, he knew something was wrong. I smiled at him weakly, and kissed his nose, he didn’t buy it he knows something and we will want me to tell him later. As me and Lely walked up to the Corn maze, it was getting alittle darker and Zayn and Niall stayed behind us a couple of feet. “So how are you and Niall?” I heard her whisper to me, “Not so good.” “…Kaylinn Why are you really pale?” I touched my cheek, I walked faster I didn’t want her finding out my problem.

*Katie’s POV.*

Ashley and Harry were holding hands and Katie was on his back I smiled as I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have kids with harry. I saw him run towards the ponies letting the girls get their turns and I stood next to him, “You know, You’re going to be a great father. I grew up with Todd but he was never my real father. But I know I don’t want that happening to our kids.” After I had said that I had wiped some tears from my eyes as I thought about the day my parents told me, my dad gave me up.  I felt his arms pull me close and kiss my head as I silently cried, “K-Katie, I just didn’t understand why you didn’t tell me till now. I want to know what your life is because.. I love you and nothing will change that. Ever.” He wipped the tears from my eyes and said again, “Let’s talk tonight when we drop them off.” I nodded my head making sure I looked normal when the girls ran up. “Big Katie lets go get some ice cream!”I watched as she ran over to the ice cream station, I watch her glowing blue and silver eyes look back and smiling with the most beautiful smile ive ever seen, I felt a arm go around me saying, “You know she looks a lot like you. Her beautiful eyes, her curls, maybe that’s why im so happy to see her. I think of you.” Harry has kissed my temple and walked forward with Little Katie walking next to me, “Are you taking us home after this Harry?” he nodded his head and saw Ashley eating the Ice cream, I giggled and got up to get napkins when I saw Kaylinn running towards me, “Hey Kay-“ “DON’T SPEAK TO ME! YOU PEOPLE JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!” She ran past me angry, almost pushing my shoulder as I see Lely and Zayn and Niall running past me. “Harry! Grab the girls!” I saw harry hands grab Ashley picking her up, and Little Katie running beside me getting into the car. I saw Kaylinn jumping into Niall and hers car and speeding off. Liam and Leeann finally caught up and jumped into Zayn and Lely’s car with Niall in the middle. Harry got Ash buckled up and Ashley said, “ Big Katie Can we go home?” I looked at harry not sure what to do, “yes Ashely, Harry drive towards my house.”

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