Still the One

All the boys had met great girls over the summer,
Elizabeth (aka Lely)

But since its not summer and its a few years later, the boys are starting to feel the stress about Family, Friends and Their new album, Take Me Home. What happens when lely is pregnant? Will Joie and Louis spilt? Is Elenor going to take Louis heart again? What happens to Katie and Harry, will they start a new family? Is Josh going to come back into the boys life? So many questions to wonder, Find out in the next Sequel... "Still The One" (This is the sequel from Everything About You)


5. A date to Rogers Farm.


*Niall’s POV.*

I saw Lely walk away and I saw it, a huge truck come down the road of the park and I started running. I pushed Lely out of the way before it came, it hit me and I went flying across the road, and I landed on the concrete, everything was spinning and I couldn’t see. I felt someone shake me it was kaylinn. Tears running down her face and I look past her to see Lely also on the ground not fully awake. Blank.

*Kaylinn’s POV.*

“Niall! Niall! Don’t die please don’t die.-“I couldn’t see almost, my eyes were blurred with tears, I looked at Niall and he is bleeding a little from the head and he isn’t waking up. This can’t happen this just can’t, I feel him slow his breathing down, no, n-no! “Someone hurry and get the Amblunence here! He is slowing his breathing down, Oh my gosh NIALL!” I heard sirens get closer as I felt a pair of hands on me picking me up, it was Zayn. “Zayn T-This can’t happen. T-Thi—“he held me tighter as he cried with me, the ambulance finally got here and me and Zayn climbed into the truck. Lely was breathing slowly, but Niall had to go on Oxygen. Zayn just kept watching Lely, if she moved he looked to see if anything was alright. My eyes fell upon niall’s pale face and the blondish brown hair, I ran my fingers through it slowly, it was soft. Zayn grabbed my free hand and held it tightly, I looked over at him and tears ran down his face too.


Perfect, just perfect. She will be mine soon, Katie isn’t going to last long for what she did too me. She is still my girlfriend, if harry is going to be in the way with all his little band mates, then they go down too.

*Harry’s POV.*

All of the families had gone except Lely’s; Ashley and the other girl is staying with us because Katie’s dad is working tonight. As we walked to our car, Katie buckles up Ashley. We were driving to our apartment because we didn’t want Ashley going to the Hospital. I told Liam that when we left and he understood and was going to keep us posted. I heard Ashley sing and I said. “Katie, what’s your other sister’s name?” she looked at me and laughed and Ashley spoke up, “Her name is Katie too. But we called her Lil Katie.” I gave her a weird face and she giggled. I looked at Katie’s little sister Little Katie, she had dirty blonde hair and dark brown roots, her blue eyes shined out the most. “Harry? Why are the lights on in the apartment” I looked at the apartment and shrugged, “Let me go in to make sure nothing is wrong.” I took the keys out and walked up to the apartment, I heard a rustle inside. I grabbed a baseball bat that Liam had brought, he is one strange man. I went inside see no one, nothing was broken nothing had happened. I texted Katie to bring the kids in and she did, “I guess we just forgot to turn the lights off.” I chuckled and Lil Katie spoke up, “So what are we supposed to do for fun?” I looked at her she seemed like brat but I said, “How about we go to somewhere tomorrow night? But for now just watch TV.” She smiled and walked over with Ashley turning it on to SpongeBob. “Hey Katie is there anything going on right now that is fun for the kids?” I saw her look up from her phone and smile, “Rogers Farm, it’s where a lot of kids go to have fun during fall.” Great, something can get me and Katie a great make out time. I called Liam, “Hey man, How are they doing?” by now Katie has her full attention towards me and Liam’s conversation, “They are good, Niall is doing a lot better from what the doctors said and Lely is sitting up in bed talking to Zayn. They can come home around Lunch time tomorrow.” I nodded my head at Katie, “Well tell them to make plans at 6 to come with us to Rogers Farm, We are bring Katie’s sisters along too.” I heard them tell them what was going on tomorrow and we both hung up, “Katie what are you planning on wearing?” I saw her get up and go to her closet; I knew she was going to be in there for a while. I walked over and sat next to Lil Katie, she glanced up at me and said, “What do you want curly?” she had a country accent that was similar to Katie, I smiled and spoke back trying to mimic her accent, “Nothing just thought I would hang out with my Fiancé’s sisters.” She stared at me for a second, “Fiancé? Does my dad know about this?” I saw there with a blank face, wait did Katie ever tell her father about us?

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