41 year old Marcus Alexander used to life a happy life on a farm with his wife Angela and son Jarmain, their life was perfect, training horses to be racing champions. But all that changes when Angela and Jarmain are involved in a terrible accident which instantly kills Angela and leaves poor Jarmain seriously injured.

After the accident, Marcus is a completely different man. He refuses to work with horses any longer and now owns a farm and works from 5am till 7pm just to make a living. But Jarmain is lonely and strongly mourning his mother and his old life until one morning while out herding the sheep, he spots a beautiful chestnut mare. As the days go by, she keeps on appearing until one day when she is attacked by a coyote Jarmain decides he has to take her in. Soon, they befriend eachother and Jarmain decides he wants to enter her into the biggest race ever, The Grand National. Join them as they battle together to prove they can acheive anything....


6. Wild At Heart

Jarmain sat down on his bed waiting for his Dad.  He knew he was in big trouble, but he was just gonna have to try and convince his Dad that the horse needed help and that he in fact missed the horses so much and could never ever even dream about replacing it.  But it wasn't gonna be easy, especially considering he'd probably never been in so much trouble.  He only had to wait around five minutes or so till his Dad came into the room, slamming the door open and making him jump slightly.  Instead of trying to calm him down, the boy just hung his head in shame, staring down at his feet.

'You know you're in such big trouble, right?'  Jarmain didn't answer, he just kept his head in the same position and gave a slight nod.  'look at me, god dammit Jarmain look at me when I'm talking to you!'  Jarmain winced at the sound of his father's voice and when he shouted like that, he knew better than to disobey, so he looked into his father's eyes.  'You better have a good explanation.'

'She was hurt, she got attacked by a dog.'

'Jarmain, I spefically told you to promise me not to go near that horse ever  again!'

'But she needed my help!  She saved my life!! I swear!'


'I was having lunch and then this crazy wild dog jumped out at me, I ran but I tripped and then she jumped out in front of me and tried to protect me but she got bitten!'

'Son, she was probably only protecting herself.'

But Da-'

'No Jarmain.  Do you have any idea how much I wanna beat the crap out of you?  Huh?  I've got a right mind to cane you or give you the belt.  You're lucky I'm not that kinda person.'  Jarmain sighed and looked down again.  He'd never been beaten as a kid except for once at school he'd been struck by a ruler numerous times as a punishment for talking in class.  And that had hurt big time.  'Why'd you do it, eh?'

'Like I said, she needed my help.'

'Son, she could've killed you!'

'It's not her fault! She was just scared!  If I was injured and scared and alone in the forest would you have just abandoned me?! And left me to die?!'

'Of course not, but you're my son.  She's a horse.  They're completely different things.'

'Not to me.'  Marcus sighed and threw his hands down in defeat.

'Alright, as she's injured, I'll take care of her but as soon as she's well, I'm sending her off.  Got it?'

'So I can't ride her?'

'You my friend are not going anywhere near her!  She's dangerous and she could easily kill you with one move!'  Jarmain nodded, frustrated. She wasn't dangerous, she was just scared the poor girl.  'Right, I'm gonna go into town to get some medicine and stuff for her, you stay right here.'  The boy nodded and watched his father leave.  Once he was gone, Jarmain raced downstairs to the paddock where the horse was.  She was still running and bucking, definetely a wild one.  He slowly went to the fence, but she didn't seem too happy to see him, his prescence just made her neigh more.  But instead of backing off, Jarmain stayed right where he was.

'Hushaby'  He began to sing. 'Don't you cry.'  The horse stopped,  her ears pricked up at his soft and gentle voice. 'Go to sleep my little baby.  When you wake, you shall have all the pretty little ponies.'  Chica Bella stayed still, her breathing slowed down, eyes fixed on the two legged with the voice that gave her a comfort of some sort.  'Good girl.'  He whispered and repeated the song a few times before backing off.  'That's enough for today, hey?  Baby steps, gotta make sure you trust me first, now haven't we?'  He said and walked off.  He went back inside and back to his room.  It was late afternoon and he was getting tired so he decided to lay down and have a little nap, mind still on Chica Bella.

He didn't care what his Dad thought.  Jarmain was gonna gain Chica Bella's trust and eventually, he'd be able to stroke her, feed her, groom her and eventually, ride her.  He was gonna prove his Dad wrong.  He and the horse would do it together. 

Jarmain knew that Bella wasn't a crazy dangerous horse, she was just settling into the fact that she was now no longer wild.  It would take some time, but eventually she'd realise she was safer if she belonged to someone.  She was just a wild horse, Wild by nature and Wild at Heart.

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