41 year old Marcus Alexander used to life a happy life on a farm with his wife Angela and son Jarmain, their life was perfect, training horses to be racing champions. But all that changes when Angela and Jarmain are involved in a terrible accident which instantly kills Angela and leaves poor Jarmain seriously injured.

After the accident, Marcus is a completely different man. He refuses to work with horses any longer and now owns a farm and works from 5am till 7pm just to make a living. But Jarmain is lonely and strongly mourning his mother and his old life until one morning while out herding the sheep, he spots a beautiful chestnut mare. As the days go by, she keeps on appearing until one day when she is attacked by a coyote Jarmain decides he has to take her in. Soon, they befriend eachother and Jarmain decides he wants to enter her into the biggest race ever, The Grand National. Join them as they battle together to prove they can acheive anything....


7. Trust Me.

Jarmain tossed and turned, he couldn't sleep with the constant sound of Chica Bella.  She was neighing and making all sorts of noises to show that she wasn't happy.  Ten minutes later, he realised that she wasn't going with the option of crying herself to sleep, this was a scared horse, she needed help.  It broke the boy's heart to know such a beautiful creature was in such great distress.  He silently crawled out of bed, got dressed and crept downstairs, keeping as quiet as possible until he was finally outside.  He ran towards the horse, she seemed slightly startled by his appearence, but he slowed down as soon as he was close.

'Hushaby, don't you cry.  Go to sleep my little baby. When you wake, you shall have all the pretty little ponies.'  Again, that song did the trick in calming her down.  'Shh.  What's with all the crying, hey?  What's the matter?'  Chica Bella just blew through her nose and shook her head slightly, eyes still watching him like a hawk.  But her eyes brightened and ears pricked up, head moved up as she spotted Jarmain take something out of his pocket and hold it out.  An Apple.  'You want this, baby girl?  Huh?  Come and get it.'  She shook her head again and whinnied only slightly, making it clear that she was still nervous.  'It's alright, it's an Apple.  I'm not gonna hurt you, alright?  I just wanna give you this, yeah?'

Chica made one final noise and stared into the boy's eyes for a few more seconds.  Her Mother had taught her that you can always tell a creature by their eyes.  The eyes showed all the emotions and intentions.  When she'd saved Jarmain, the dog's eyes were filled with anger, cruelty and intentions to kill.  But not Jarmain.  She looked deep into his eyes, they were filled with concern and love, but also loneliness, sadness, hidden deep inside.  He had a gentle look, it was becoming more clear to her that he didn't want to hurt her, just help her.

Trusting her heart, and listening to her stomach, she limped over to the boy and took the Apple out of his hand, treasuring the heavenly taste.  She saw his eyes light up, happiness invading them.  'Atta Girl.  Good Girl.'  She didn't move away, she just stayed right where she was, convinced that he wasn't going to hurt her.  'Done a pretty good job today.  Let's keep it that way, yeah?  One step at a time.'  Bella moved her head slightly in confusion.  'Don't know what that  means?  Just means we're gonna go through things slowly, I don't care if it takes 3 years, we're gonna trust eachother, alright?  That way Dad'll let me keep you and we can stay together forever.  But you gotta work with me, is that understood?'  His voice changed and became slightly sterner, the horse kept focused on him, ears directed towards him to show that she was listening.  'Alright girl, I'm gonna hit the hay as I'm pretty tired.  No more crying from now on, got it?'  She just watched him, slightly confused as he left.  In her view, Jarmain was pretty nice, a bit controlling, but hey, so was her Father when she was just a foal!  Once he'd left, she stopped making any noise, she just walked around in circles before eventually cropping a particular spot with her hoof and finally, settling down to sleep.

Once Jarmain was back inside, Chica Bella did not made a single sound.  He smiled, relieved that she was calm at last.  With that, he lay back down and was finally able to go into a deep, peaceful slumber...

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