41 year old Marcus Alexander used to life a happy life on a farm with his wife Angela and son Jarmain, their life was perfect, training horses to be racing champions. But all that changes when Angela and Jarmain are involved in a terrible accident which instantly kills Angela and leaves poor Jarmain seriously injured.

After the accident, Marcus is a completely different man. He refuses to work with horses any longer and now owns a farm and works from 5am till 7pm just to make a living. But Jarmain is lonely and strongly mourning his mother and his old life until one morning while out herding the sheep, he spots a beautiful chestnut mare. As the days go by, she keeps on appearing until one day when she is attacked by a coyote Jarmain decides he has to take her in. Soon, they befriend eachother and Jarmain decides he wants to enter her into the biggest race ever, The Grand National. Join them as they battle together to prove they can acheive anything....


1. The Beginning.

'Daddy! Daddy!'  Little Jarmain called out, running towards the stable barn where he'd heard the new piglets had been born.

'Jarmain!  Come on in, son!'  His father replied, the five year old raced in and gasped at the adorable sight of Molly the pig feeding her six new piglets.  'Ain't they just beautiful?'

'They sure are, Daddy!  No odd ones?'

'Nope, none at all, that's the best thing about good ol' Molly 'ere.  She jus' want to give 'er kids a chance.'  Marcus said, patting the pig's stomach and making her grunt in approval, Jarmain giggled at her.

'Will they grow up real quick?'


'Why do we have to kill them?  It's not fair.'

'Now, now Jarmain!  We don't have to kill them straight away!  We 'ent gonna kill 'em for a while!  Besides, you wouldn't wanna live without bacon and ham for the rest of your life, now would ya?'

'No!  They die for a good reason!  To make my tummy happy!  And then they can all be happy in heaven!'

'Exactly!  There's a good lad, now why don't you go and help Mother in the kitchen?'

'Yes Daddy!'

'Oh, and Jarmain?!'


'Tell her we've won more money, Glider's Pride is a champion now!'

'He won?! Yay!'  Jarmain said and ran back into the house.  'Mother! Mother!  Daddy says we can have more money because Glider's Pride won!'

'Oh really?  That's great news!'  She said, picking her son up and making him giggle.  'Daddy told me to come back here and help you.'

'Did he, now?  Well, you can start by getting the eggs from the chickens, we're having an omlette today!'  Jarmain nodded and rushed off the where the chickens were.

'Hello, Chickens, It's time for me to get your eggs!  Show them, now!'  They only responded by clucking and tilting their heads in confusion.  Jarmain sighed and looked around to find some eggs in the hay.  He smiled in victory as he spotted eight in total and got one of the egg carriers.  He filled it and then carefully carried the eggs back to the house.  'Here, Mother!'

'Good boy!  Wow, eight today!  My, the chickens have done well!'  Jarmain nodded proudly 'Alright, honey set the table, it's almost done now!'  Jarmain obeyed immediatly and within minutes, the table was set, the food was served and everyone was tucking into their meal.  These were the moments that Jarmain would treasure, the whole family together just talking, laughing and having a great time.  'Oh, I just remembered!  I have to go and get some more oats for the horses!'

'Do you have to do it tonight?'

'I'm afraid so, there's not enough to have them fed tomorrow otherwise.'

'Mother, I'll go with you!  I can help!'

'Alright sweetie, we'll go together.'

'Are you sure?  It's pretty dark out there.'

'I'm not scared of the dark Daddy!  I'm a big boy!'

'Don't worry Marcus, we'll be fine.'  And with that, they both headed off to the stables.  'Well?  Which one should we take, Jarmain?'


'Alright, let me get her saddled up.'  His mother replied and before long, they were both heading out into the darkness.   Jessie was only in a Canter as if she went into a gallop, Jarmain would be almost garunteed to fall.  The ride started off completely silent with only Jessie's hooves and breathing as noise. 

Suddenly, when they reached the cliffs, Jessie failed to spot a lose bit and in a matter of seconds, she found herself whinnying for help as she fell down, bringing Angela and Jarmain with her.  Soon, it was over and there was no sign of life from the horse or from Angela.  But a sobbing Jarmain lay beside them with a broken leg.  He couldn't move, all he could do was wait and pray for help to come....

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