41 year old Marcus Alexander used to life a happy life on a farm with his wife Angela and son Jarmain, their life was perfect, training horses to be racing champions. But all that changes when Angela and Jarmain are involved in a terrible accident which instantly kills Angela and leaves poor Jarmain seriously injured.

After the accident, Marcus is a completely different man. He refuses to work with horses any longer and now owns a farm and works from 5am till 7pm just to make a living. But Jarmain is lonely and strongly mourning his mother and his old life until one morning while out herding the sheep, he spots a beautiful chestnut mare. As the days go by, she keeps on appearing until one day when she is attacked by a coyote Jarmain decides he has to take her in. Soon, they befriend eachother and Jarmain decides he wants to enter her into the biggest race ever, The Grand National. Join them as they battle together to prove they can acheive anything....


4. Is She Alright?

Jarmain was worried the moment he woke up.  Outside, he could see the storm had caused damage to a fair extent.  A few trees had fallen down and quite a few things on the farm were now lying on the floor when they'd once been standing upright, including a shovel, a rake and a bucket.  The storm must've worsened after he fell asleep.  The Horse!  Was she OK?  Was she hurt?  Trapped?  He had to go out.  He had to get the sheep and Tess out as soon as possible, perhaps his Horse was still there.  He jumped out of bed and got ready as quickly as possible.  Chica Bella was his number one priority at the moment, he just wanted to make sure she was alright.  He didn't care what his Father said, if she was hurt, he'd bring her back.

'Morning Jarmain!'  The boy jumped and gasped as his Dad's voice took him completely by surprise.

'Ah!  Dad! Jeeez you gave me a heart attack!'  His Father chuckled.

'Listen, I wanted to talk to you about yesterday, you know, about the horse.'

'Yeah?'  Jarmain asked, suddenly getting his hopes slightly.

'I'm sorry, I know you miss the horse riding, but son, you'll find something else, you can do that, right?'  Jarmain sighed and nodded.  'I promise you, you'll find a replacement, and then maybe when you're older you can go back to horses.  But just promise me, that you won't go near that horse if you see it again.  It could be dangerous.' 

'Fine, Dad.  I promise.'

'Good boy.  Now go take care of those sheep.  Have fun, yeah?'

'Sure.  See ya, Dad.'  Jarmain said and left the house, deep in thought.  His Dad was really driving him crazy.  Give up on horse riding?!  Find a replacement?! No way!  He had no other passion, horses were his only passion.  They made him feel free, nothing else made him feel the way he felt galloping through fields with the wind in his face.  He wasn't gonna lie, he missed that feeling strongly.  But ever since the death of his Mother and his old horse Jessie, his Father had forbidden him from even going near a horse, worried he too would be killed.  He missed his old Dad and his Mum every single day, but unlike his Dad, he never blamed the horses or let the accident rid him of his love for them.  He wanted to get back up and be strong, but his Father was too weak for that, he was almost a coward!  Jarmain hated himself for calling his only family member left a coward, but it was the truth that only he could face.

He'd soon got Tess safely in action with the sheep.  'Tess, take 'em on!  I'll be back in a minute!'  The dog barked to confirm that she'd understood what was required of her and once they were ahead, Jarmain went straight back to the place where he fell, praying that the horse would still be there.  At first, there was nothing, but once he pushed a bit deeper into the forest, he heard something and looked up.

There she was.  Just as beautiful as ever.  She didn't look hurt or shaken up, just slightly surprised by his appearence.  He gasped and smiled warmly as the horse made soft nickering sound.  'Hey girl.  You're ok.'  He whispered softly and slowly approached her, but she still seemed catious of him.  She was definetely a wild horse, obviously she'd had no real contact with humans.  And in a horses view, in Jarmain's experience, if you don't know what something is don't approach it unless you know it's a friend.  He didn't at all blame the chestnut mare for keeping back.  But she wasn't rearing up or whinnying or snorting, which was a sign that she wasn't scared of him, just a bit unsure.  She must've sensed his love for horses and that he had no intentions to hurt her.  Then it came, that sound of barking again.  She snorted and turned her head in the direction of the sound.  Jarmain looked behind him and turned back to her after a few seconds.  'Sorry girl, gotta go, see ya.'  He said and ran back to Tess, immediatly silencing her.  'Hey girl, keep it down, eh?  I don't want you scaring the horse again.'  She whined and followed him back to the house. 

But Chica Bella stayed right where she was, watching this weird strange two legged creature leave with what she knew was a dog.  She was weary of him, but he didn't look like he wanted to hurt her, he had a warm heart which she could sense.  Maybe some day she would approach him if she continued to see him.  But for now, her thoughts were on food, so she lowered her neck and got back into the buisness of munching on the grass, pawing at it with her left front hoof occassionaly.

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