41 year old Marcus Alexander used to life a happy life on a farm with his wife Angela and son Jarmain, their life was perfect, training horses to be racing champions. But all that changes when Angela and Jarmain are involved in a terrible accident which instantly kills Angela and leaves poor Jarmain seriously injured.

After the accident, Marcus is a completely different man. He refuses to work with horses any longer and now owns a farm and works from 5am till 7pm just to make a living. But Jarmain is lonely and strongly mourning his mother and his old life until one morning while out herding the sheep, he spots a beautiful chestnut mare. As the days go by, she keeps on appearing until one day when she is attacked by a coyote Jarmain decides he has to take her in. Soon, they befriend eachother and Jarmain decides he wants to enter her into the biggest race ever, The Grand National. Join them as they battle together to prove they can acheive anything....


3. Chica Bella

Jarmain ran back full speed towards the house, Tess following closely behind.  His mind was still on that horse.  She was so lucky to have the wilderness as her home, where she could run free and be wild at her heart, just like he always wished he could do once more.  All the same, this wasn't a great place for a wild horse.  As a wild at heart soul, she faced the dangers of wild dogs, other humans, cliffs, pretty much anything, especially barbed wire.  His heart wrenched at the thought of such a beautiful creature getting hurt.  As soon as he reached the house, he raced inside, out of breath and put his hands on the table where his father was, crashing into it.

'Jarmain?!  What's the matter?!'


'Woah, woah, woah.  Slow down and tell me clearly.'

'I was out with Tess herding the sheep, we were nearly there when I fell and then stumbled across a horse.'

'Hold on, you fell?!'

'Yeah but I'm fine but then I stumbled across the horse!  She was so beautiful but Tess chased her away!'

'Jarmain, stop! Stop!  Let me see where you fell.'

'It's fine, Dad!'

'Jarmain.'  His father said in a warning tone.  The boy sighed and pulled up his trouser leg, revealing the wide but not to severe cut.  It had already reduced in bleeding.  'Jesus Christ.  Right, sit down.  I'm gonna get it cleaned up.'  Jarmain groaned and made his way to a stool and sat down, hissing in pain as his Father put a disinfectant on it.  'Sorry, didn't mean to hurt you.'

'Dad, we have to go after that horse.'  Jarmain said after a while of silence.

'No Jarmain.'

'But Dad!  She's a wild horse!'

'Son, those haven't been around for heaven knows how long.'

'I know, but she was wild!  She wasn't in a paddock or field or anything!  And she was by herself!  We have to get her.  I mean, what if she gets hurt?'

'Jarmain!'  His father said, annoyed.  'No one is going after that Horse, it's wild and probably dangerous for all we know.  And besides, horses are no use to us.'  He said, wrapping a bandage around Jarmain's leg where the cut was. 

'Well, I could train her and ride her.'

'Out of the question.  If you think you're even going to start horse riding anytime soon then think again, mister.'

'But Dad...'

'No Jarmain!  That's enough about horses, alright?'  Jarmain sighed, defeated.

'Yes Dad.'

'Alright, why don't you go into town and have a bit of fun for once, eh?'

'Sure.  I'll see you later.'

'Yeah, and be careful going down there, alright?  i don't want you tripping again.'

'Whatever.'  Jarmain mumbled once he was out of the house.  Going into town only took him about ten minutes and once there, he headed to the only person he wanted to see.  Someone who would understand about the horse and who would perhaps help to get the Horse out of the dangers of the wilderness.  Yes, it was unfair as she was most likely born wild, but it was for her safety.  'Nat! Hey!'

'Oh, hey Jarmain!  What's up?'  His only human friend, Nat, greeted him.  Nat was the only one who understood as well as shared Jarmain's love for animals, especially horses.  'How you doing, eh man?'  Jarmain sighed and shrugged.

'Not so good.'

'Aw mate, problems with your old man again?'  Nat asked, starting to rake up some hay in the stables.

'You got that right.'

'What's up with him now?'

'Well, he won't let me take in this wild horse I found.'

'A Wild horse?!! Woah, it's been ages since I heard of one of those.'

'I know, but she wasn't in a paddock or with anyone.  She must've been wild!'

'You're right there, but if she's wild, why do you want to rid her of her freedom?'

'She might get hurt, and she's too beautiful to get hurt.'

'Too beautiful?'

'Oh god you should have seen her.  She's a chestnut, most beautiful horse I've ever laid eyes on, not even the horses we had when I was a kid were as beautiful as her.'

'Ah, she's a Chica Bella then?'

'A what?'

'Chica Bella, it means beautiful girl.'

'I guess you could call her that.'  Jarmain said and smiled.  Beautiful girl.  She certainly was that.  'Well, I should be off, I've got a few things to collect from town for dinner tonight.  Later.'  Nat nodded and waved goodbye.

That night, Jarmain thought of his Chica Bella horse as rain poured and tapped loudly against his window.  There was even thunder and lighting, which was worrying him a bit.  Was Chica Bella ok?  Was she scared?  Had she got caught in some barbed wire or fencing?  Had she fell?  With her still on his mind, he drifted off into sleep...

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