1. Chains

There's a  whole wide world out there just waiting to be explored.

So many things so far form you're front door.

But yet so close you can almost reach,

but you find your self taped. chained at the feet.

The days seem repetitive.

A year every week.

No one seems to understand its adventure that you seek,

To experience something new

something you have never seen

you want feel it,

Not just see it on a screen.


You're stuck in you're cadge being attacked by pressure.

You don't care about working,

Have no time to be still.

You just want to live for the thrill 

To be free, to fly and to be honest you would raver die 

than have to sit day after day watching as others get to play.


There's a spark inside you,

a bright shining flame.

People keep trying to put it out,

but you wont let them you put up a fight and scream:

you can try all you want!

chain me up and lock my cadge!

force me still and make me do page after page!

try all you want, you will never brake me!

because though my art.

I will always be free


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