its a girl who died and now she roams the streets claiming the soles of the dead


3. chapter 3

The day was here what if he tell's James that he saw me what will he do to me where orbing to the national gallery in London Trafalgar square. I cant do this I cant kill him hes the only person that really sees me as a person I wish there was a way that I could help him somehow. I've got it ! I have just had the most amazing idea if I get him through the portal I can send him to the attic at the devil's mansion he can serve there until we can run away together... there's only one minor problem as soon as I leave i'll die.

I suddenly realized there where tears falling down my cheeks.


"WHAT ARE YOU CRYING FOR PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER !" James shouted "now come on baby" he shoved me towards the bed.

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