its a girl who died and now she roams the streets claiming the soles of the dead


1. chapter 1

Once I was the same as everyone else, normal in some ways I still am apart from the small matter that i'm the grim reaper.

On the 4th December 1999 I died in a car crash just before I died I made a deal with the devil and it would change my life forever. I wish i'd known before I made the deal ... because now i'm in love.

2 months earlier I had been claiming a soul and taking him to the portal when a young man walked beside me I didn't think he could see me but he looked into my eyes, what if he could see me what would I do the devil would kill me. no human will see you unless there a gold-eye he said gold-eyes didn't exist anymore that's the oath I made when I bound my soul to the devils.

He kept looking at me I got  scared I took the old man through the portal and just as I was about to go he said something. Something that made me shiver he said "I see through you."


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