A brush with the paranormal takes Ruba to opportunities that she never thought she would accomplish. As Ruba is growing up and figuring her self out, she's sure that witchcraft is her thing. Not only is she practicing witchcraft, but she also practices Catholicisme. Will her mother be able to handle the truth?
Casting ordinary spells and hex spells is just the beginning. Ruba is one mean and powerful witch but must conceal her power in order to live an ordinary life without anyone knowing except for her friends - Amy, Joseph, Willow and Michael.


1. Chapter 1

"Ruba, you’re going to be late for school if you don't hurry up!" Ruba's mother Kaitlin cried out on a Monday morning.

Kaitlin was divorced from her husband Jim when Ruba was ten and never married again. She was an author; writing books were her only love. That and caring for Ruba. They lived together in a four bedroom house in London. A simple life, but a peaceful one. Ruba was the mirror image of her mother; her fair complexion hidden behind a mass of long wavy brown hair to match her eyes. She was tall and had a model’s figure but her interests were more along the lines of History and English.

"I'm coming, mum! Just five more minutes!" Ruba yelled as she was just finishing off a hex spell. Ruba was a Wicca, who’d studied Witchcraft from the age of thirteen. She was glad her mother was unaware of her actions - as she would more than likely freak out since they were a Catholic family. Ruba had a bigger interest in witchcraft than she did in Catholicism. Kaitlin always ranted on about how witchcraft was for devil worshipers and how it was a way of betraying God. Ruba didn't care; even though it was a detrimental thing to do. 

Things had started to go wrong since Ruba's father left. Ruba didn't know why he left; however she had always wondered if it was her fault.

Ruba's bedroom looked normal - like every other girl's bedroom - a double black leather bed in the middle of the room with bedside tables either side - all matching colours - walls painted dark purple with matching curtains, a dark oak wooden desk in the far left corner of her room, a wardrobe and a plasma TV on the wall right opposite her bed.

A room like any other girls. Well, except for the fact she had several items hidden underneath her floorboards. Just the usual. Crystals, spell books, charms, candles…

                                                                              * * * 

Ruba was downstairs and heading out the door at lightning speed. She’d begged her mum for a lift – seeing as she was late already. She didn’t enjoy travelling in her blue Volkswagen much. It’d never smelt the same way since her mum had spilt bleach all over the boot. 

It was about a fifteen minute drive to Ruba's school, so Kaitlin had time to converse with her daughter. 

"What took you so long?"

"Sorry mum. I just had to finish off some history work...won't happen again." Ruba replied with thin guilt.

Ruba didn't like lying to her mum, but she had to. 

                                                                             * * * 

Form time.

And as always Ruba was sitting at the back of the class with her other friends who practiced witchcraft; Amy, Joseph, Willow and Michael.

Amy was the prettiest of them all; slim with gorgeous facial features, and brown-almost-ginger hair which often stuck to her hazel eyes. Joseph was the tallest; hair jet black and his eyes dark and mysterious. Willow had been a Wicca since birth. Her parents are Wicca's and so brought her up as a Wicca too. She was very exotic looking; skin white as paper with peacy lips and ginger hair that she’d gained from many generations before her. Michael had also been brought up in a Wicca family and was the strangest looking; brown hair with the darkest eyes known to man. 

"Amy..." The teacher called out from the register. 

"Here Miss." Amy responded, while raising her hand to inform her form tutor that she was sitting at the back. 

"She's such a loser... I mean look! HA-HA!" Naomi Slitched exclaimed.

Naomi Slitched; the hottest and most popular girl in school had all the attention. She was the girl everyone longed to be. Her body was perfect. Her hair was long, black and curling at the bottom. Her eyes were impossible to miss. She wore Gucci clothes that the other girl’s envied.

Amy hated her.

The buzzer rang vigorously and was time for period one. Maths. A lesson that Ruba dreaded since she wasn't at all good at it. Everyone got up, tucked their chairs in and headed towards the door and up the stairs to the maths block for a healthy half an hour of algebra and statistics. 

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