Teenage Dreams

When Kayla is suddenly roped into looking after One Direction, the new boys in town, she thinks it will turn into a dream come true, but not quite.. Even though Kayla is getting very close to Louis, there is also a lot for Kayla to get her head round. Friend issues, jealousy, and the danger, of loosing Louis forever. Will Kayla finally get her head round and sort out her issues, or will she forget about her Teenage Dream?


5. The Flashback

"Ok, suit yourself then." she said, and walked off.

"Thanks" i said to Louis. Thanks. Is that REALLY all I could say? Ugh.

"That's fine, I can hardly lie! Especially things that are completely true!" he smiled.

"Sorry about Kate, she thinks she is a Directioner.. But.. She is like such a Directionator!" I burble, but I forget who I'm speaking to.. So I make a fool of myself, again. Good going Kayla!

"Sorry your bringing out my inner Directioner!" I say, blushing.

He just smiled, the bell rang again. This time it was a fire bell.Oh gosh. That wasn't the right thing to happen on their first day! And besides, sixth form get told when the drills are, so this is the real thing! Louis looks stunned, and scared. I take his arm, bevause there's screaming coming from behind me, we both turn round just in time to see a fire blaze out trhough the doors of a classroom, people running from it.

I get the flash backs, the horror of the horrible night when I was just 13, the day I lost my home, my family. Everything. I scream. The night, I was just in bed, on my laptop, on skype with Skylar when the noise came from downstairs and the smoke ran up the stairs, all I could see was thick, black smoke, I couldn't  breath. I could hear screaming rfom Skylar over skype, calling to her mum to call the fire brigade, but it was to late. My family was gone, and so was a part of me.

Louis takes my hand and runs, but he doesn't know where to go, he runs the wrong way and runs right round the hallways, until he reaches a dead end.. He turns back, red in the face we both rund for it, but the problem is, the fire spread.

We are trapped.

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