Teenage Dreams

When Kayla is suddenly roped into looking after One Direction, the new boys in town, she thinks it will turn into a dream come true, but not quite.. Even though Kayla is getting very close to Louis, there is also a lot for Kayla to get her head round. Friend issues, jealousy, and the danger, of loosing Louis forever. Will Kayla finally get her head round and sort out her issues, or will she forget about her Teenage Dream?


6. The Fire..

I took a deep breath, shut my eyes and started walking forward. Louis grabbed my hand,

"What are you doing? Do you WANT to be killed?" Louis asked you, sternly. He looked generally worried. Worried about you? Or if he was going to die..

"Well, no. But how else will we get out?" You said, sadly. You didn't WANT to kill him, but maybe that was the only way to stop the panic attack you were having.

"Well don't. I don't want to ie. I don't want you to die Kayla! I only just met you, but if you died and stuff, well I wouldn't.. ell.. Like.. Um.. I don't know.. I would like... I'd be heartbroken.." he said awkwardly, you just smiled..

"T-thanks... Uhh.. You too.." You said awkwardly back, you then knew that yo were holding hands.

you tightened your hand around his, squeezing back, he took a step forward, got down on the floor.. "Just follow me.. You will be fine, I know what to do, don't worry.." and he slipped under. and out. You heard cheers from everyone, he screamed your name. "KAYLAA... GET OUT! NO! QUICK!" He shouted a the top of his voice. You didn't answer. You just stoof there, shaking.

You were shaking. Why were you so cold? It's fire, fire is hot. Isn't it? You were woozy, everything was spinning round, you couldn't feel your legs, you started wobbling, walking around in circles. Could hear the faint echoes of everyone shouting your name...

Then it suddenly went dark.. You felt a sharp pain through your head.


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