Teenage Dreams

When Kayla is suddenly roped into looking after One Direction, the new boys in town, she thinks it will turn into a dream come true, but not quite.. Even though Kayla is getting very close to Louis, there is also a lot for Kayla to get her head round. Friend issues, jealousy, and the danger, of loosing Louis forever. Will Kayla finally get her head round and sort out her issues, or will she forget about her Teenage Dream?


4. One More Lesson...

After an hour and 35 minutes of listening to Mr Briggs droan on and on about Elvis, the bell eventually rang for us to go to our next lesson. Maths, with Miss Stephens. Great.

I pack up my things and walk out the classroom with Niall and Louis following closely behind me.. Sitting inbetween them both in every lesson will be strange, but brilliant at the same time.. We walk into the newly built Maths block to be greeted by about 20 screaming girls. Niall and Louis just looked fed up if I'm honest, I think they came here to get away from the fans. To actually live like normal boys for once, but they were worldwide sensations, so Waterfield High probably wasn't the best place for them!

We finally got away when a teacher made a pathway through the girls and into our classrom, we three all walked in, to again, silence, if it was like this in every lesson we went too, I will actually scream! Everyone stared, again. But this time Niall sat next to Isobel, boy were thye cute! While I was seated next to Louis. He was gorgeous, but he wouldn't fancy me. Who would? Who does?

I'm not to clever with my maths, but Isobel was clever, so yes, her and Niall worked together, and each got given a house token! Isobel is in Apollo like me, so at least something good comes out of it! Louis is brilliant at maths too, even though it's hard to concentrate becuase of his british accent, it's so.. just.. oh my god!!! Finally we managed to get through maths from the long time of 10:20 to 11:30.. When the bell rang fro break. We packed up our things and me and Louis walked off, while Isobel and Niall walked of giggling together, I'll keep an eye on that!

Louis and me walked of in silence, taking in all of the events from today.. When a massive scream came from behind me, a girl named Kate had seen me, she's in the sameset as Skylar, and me and Skylar both loath her.

"Oh my gosh, is that who I think it is? OH MY GOD! It's Lewis! Kayla your so lucky, but I'll take it from here, I'll be your welcome buddy eh Lewis?" she burbled, while Louis just looked un-convinced..

"Uhh.. Well.. I like Kayla.. A lot.. She's pretty, sweet, kind.. And she know my proper name! I'm staying with her.. Sorry" Louis said.

I just stood there, taking in what Louis just said..

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