Teenage Dreams

When Kayla is suddenly roped into looking after One Direction, the new boys in town, she thinks it will turn into a dream come true, but not quite.. Even though Kayla is getting very close to Louis, there is also a lot for Kayla to get her head round. Friend issues, jealousy, and the danger, of loosing Louis forever. Will Kayla finally get her head round and sort out her issues, or will she forget about her Teenage Dream?


7. -Louis' P.O.V-

I was sweating, sweating one because I had just excaped from a fire. I had a few burns here and there, but t doesn't matter, all that matters is Kayla. And two, I was worried about here, I hear a thump, then silence, but that made me feel worse. What happened?

The fire brigade are here, they tell me to get out the way. I pretend not to hear, I can't let her die, not now, not now I told her I'd be heartbroken if she died.. They shout at me to move, I do what they say. If i keep hem from bringing he fire down, she could die...

They spray th water over, evacuating me from the building. I'm sat at some chairs, paramedics ad police asking me questions. How do you feel? Are you burnt? What exactly happened? Which classroom id it happen in? How many people were with you? Is your friend hurt?

I didn't say a word. They just sat down ext to me and gave me a drink. I am burnt in a few places, (arms, face, stomach, legs..). They sting - a lot. The paramedic said they have to take me to hospital, I said I wont go without Kayla.

We waited 10 more minutes in silence, when the police man came in, I stood up.

"Is s-she o-ok?" I stuttered, why couldn't I speak?

"Well, she's alive, but fragile. She is going to hospital. But I have to wan you. She might not make it.." H esaid quietly.

I stood in the ambulance  next to Kayla. She had a mask on, you know, the ones which give you oxygen? Also had a lot of tubes in her. She was pale. I opened one of her eyes, I couldn't see the pupil. It was such a horrible sight I screamed. She twitched, like she could hear me in some way. The paramedic gave me a blanket and sat me down with a cup of tea. I was so scared that I dropped it.

"Nevermind dear, just a bit of nerves. But do try and calm down! Your fine!" She said cheerfully.

"It's not me I'm worried about.. It's Kayla." I said, shaking like mad.

"We are tryin our hardest, but her body is fragile, not many burns but she's had a nervour breakdown, she also suffered a mild heart attack. Do you know why she was so scared?" She said, calmly.

"I don't know! Ask her friend, she is called Skylar Barnes.." I said

They phones Kayla's mum instead. Well, her real mum is dead, this is her foster mum.

Kayla is adopted.

I got told the whole story. About how the oven exploded causing a fire, all her family was killed. That was why she was so nervous!


We are at he hospital, she is rushed of down the hall by doctors and nurses. I tried running after but she was wheeled away from me. I started breathing quickly, trying to stay calm by breathing slowly but it didn't work. I am checked out by a paramedic and have to stay over night.

My mum comes to see me, as does Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry, and Lottie. They stay until 10 and then they have to go home. Mum goes for my sisters, but only family are aloud to stay.

"We're like his brothers!" Harry protested, but he still wasn't aloud. We say our goodbyes and then it's dark and silent in the ward. There is a few lights from the night nurses, but other than that everyone is asleep.

It's 2:30am and I still haven't slept, I can't stop thinking about Kayla.

I finally get to sleep, just to be waken up at 6:00am by someone in the bed next to me complaining of stomach pains.

The day passes slowly. I have to tay another night because I had a fever.. They still wont let me see Kayla! I mnage to get myself through the rest of the day. Sitting in silence. Mum and Lottie come to visit again, but I don't say much.  At 10 o'clock they go again. So it's silnt again.

It's 2:30 and I'm still awake again! Everyone is asleep so I creep up out of my bed and find Kayla's room. When I eventaully find it and stick my head it, I hear quick breathing. I turn the light on, and her eyes are open. Someone is coming so I hide, I go  back to my bed shaking.

She is on a life support machine.


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