Teenage Dreams

When Kayla is suddenly roped into looking after One Direction, the new boys in town, she thinks it will turn into a dream come true, but not quite.. Even though Kayla is getting very close to Louis, there is also a lot for Kayla to get her head round. Friend issues, jealousy, and the danger, of loosing Louis forever. Will Kayla finally get her head round and sort out her issues, or will she forget about her Teenage Dream?


11. Eleanor Calls

Jodies P.O.V

I got my girl back. My best friend. My everything. Now to see whats changed..

Louis P.O.V

I shaked her, no answer. I can't bear for her to go back to hospital. I sit her, up against the wall, holding her hand. I whisper her name over and over again.

**20 minutes later**

Her eyes flicker open, she whispers my name and stands up. She shakily walks away from me. I run and catch her up, "Are you okay?" I ask, concerned.

"Im f-fine. I need to go. I'll text you later? My number is ***********. Bye." she walks away. I start walking back to the b&b Paul rented out for us.

I go inside and walk upstairs without saying hello to any of the boys. I go up the stairs and into my room. I walk into my on-suit and go for a shower.

While in the shower I think about Kayla, why wasn't she scared when she fainted? She just walked away... I thought about Skylar. I thought about the twins, I thought about Lottie, I thought about mum, thought about dad. Thought about everything that bothered me right now. Kayla means something to me.

I get out the shower and dry my hair, get changed into my pj's and lie down.

My phone rings.

"Hello? Louis pick up the phone." The answer phone message spoke out to me, it was from Eleanor. Oh god.

"Hello?" she picked up, angry. "Where have you been? I've been calling all day!" she said furiously.

"I've had a drastic day El. Talk tomorrow?" I said

"No. I have news."

"What's the news?"

"There is rumours that Zayn has a new girl. And so do YOU!" she screamed down the phone.

"Uh. El. I need to tell you something.."

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