Is This Love? (only read if you are 14 or older or mature enough)

Rosa has never been into celebritys, glamor, and everything else. She is a plain and simple girl who has never really been in love. She loves helping people and doing charity work. She has always told herself that she would never fall in love. But will that all change when she meets mega hot superstar Justin Bieber?


8. What The Hell Happened!>?

*Ria's P.O.V*

When I woke up I was alone. Justin was no where in my room but his clothes were still scattered all over the floor. I got up from my bed and grab my robe. Suddenly I heard the front door burst open. I didn't even bother tying my robe. I just ran to the living room.

My jaw drops and Max is standing in my front door and he looks pissed. No, how the hell does he know where I live!? I pull my robe across my chest tighter and back away. With every step I take back Max takes one forward. I look over at the phone, 8:00. Would he come after me if I jumped at the phone? Would I be able to call the cops? Even if I was Max would be gone within an instant and the cops would have trouble finding him because it is so dark.

Fuck it! I ran towards the phone and Max ran towards me. I was so close to reaching it but Max tackled me down to the ground.

"Max! No! Leave me alone!" I screamed.

He smiled wickedly. "But darling we are meant to be."

*Justin's P.O.V*

As I stepped out of the shower I smiled to myself. Ever since earlier today I haven't been able to stop smiling. Rosa has made me so happy in the past 24 hours. I kept replaying the scenes in my head. Her tiny little body inertwined with min-


What the hell was that!? I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist before I ran out to the living room.

"Rosa!" I screamed Falling to her side. "What happened!?"

She was curled up on ground fully exposed. "Max." Was all she whispered.

I slammed my fist on the ground. "What did he do!?"

"He grabbed me Justin."

"What? Where!?"

"Justin, he grabbed me and put his fingers in me. He squeezed and it hurt."

My fists clenched up and I tried to get up but Rosa grabbed the back of my neck and stopped me. I looked at her exposed body and closed my eyes and turned away. I let a tear slip away from me.

By hurting Rosa he hurt me. I grabbed her robe and lifted her up. I carried her bridal stile to the bathroom and set her on the toilet. She wrapped her robe around her body and started crying.

"Baby, what can I do?" I ask kneeling infront of her.

She didnt reply just kept crying. I let her cry till there were no tears left in her. When she was finally stopped crying she fell off the toilet seat and onto me. She was asleep.

I chuckled to myself and carried her back to the room and laid her in her bed under her covers. I made sure she was warm before I left. Before I was about to shut her door I noticed someone peeking into her bedroom window.

What the Fuck? I pretended I didn't see that and continued to shut the door- Pants! Shit. I ran and grabbed my pants then ran back out. One more quick glance at the window. Good, the person was still there.

As I walked down the hall I ripped my towel off, threw it on the ground and put my pants on. The front door was still open so I just walked on out. When I turned the corner I noticed it was a girl peeking in the window.

"Hey!" I yelled startling her.

She jumped back. When she saw me she looked pissed. "You ruined it!"

"Ruined what?!"

"She was supposed to be dead!"

My body went into shock. "Dead!?"

"Yes you idiot. Dead!"



"That's not an answer!"

"Who are you anyways!? If you wern't there she would be gona and I wouldn't have to worry about this anymore."

"Worry about what?"

"Her getting into all these bad relationships!"

"So why do you want her dead?!"

"You really are stupid arent you?"


"She is a fucking Millionare!"

"No she's not"

"Yes you idiot she is!"

"NO! She would have told me!"

"What the hell did she tell you Justin?"

"How do you know my name!?"

"I can see your face fucktard! What did she tell you!?"

"That her dad gave her money after he won the lottery!"

"Is that what she told you now?"


"She is an orphan Justin."

"What do you mean?"

"Her dad died of cancer when she was 3. Her mom left her at an orphonage when she was 4, and she was adopted by some designer when she was 5. She has been spoiled all her life. She has no other real family other then me. When she dies I get all of her money."

"If she is so rich then why does she work at a hotel?"

'She doesn't wanna live the rich life. She doesn't wanna be treated differently."

"So she didn't lie about that par- Wait! You're her cousin!"

She stared at me and her eyes got wide. "Max will kill her and I will get her money!"

She ran and before I could catch her she was gone. 

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