Is This Love? (only read if you are 14 or older or mature enough)

Rosa has never been into celebritys, glamor, and everything else. She is a plain and simple girl who has never really been in love. She loves helping people and doing charity work. She has always told herself that she would never fall in love. But will that all change when she meets mega hot superstar Justin Bieber?


2. Talking with Justin

I sighed "I wanna know why you have been avoiding me all morning?"

She looked up at me then looked back down at her food. "When I was 16 my dad won the 100 million dollar mega million and a lot of things changed. I got my Ford Mustang, we moved into a bigger house, and people started treating me like I was diseased or something."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"I was treated differently then I was before. People were always asking for money and things like that. I told myself that I didn't wanna meet any famous people unless they were like my idol."

"So you don't like me?"

"No it's not that I don't like you."

"Then what is it?"

"I- I just don't wanna be around all the celebrity stuff. It is terrible."

"How do you know if you have never really experianced it?"

"I sort of have."

"No, you have dealt with jealous people."

"What do you expect I do?!"

I sighed. She was right. What was she supposed to do? "Let me show you what it's like..."

"Justin I don't even know you, you don't even know me and besides you have a girlfriend."

I didn't kmow what to say. She was right I techncally did have a girlfriend. Selena Gomez. But what she didn't know was what was happeneing behind the scenes. I sighed heavily. "With all the fights, the constant bickering, her cheating. I mean yeah there were rumors of us cheating but they were never really true up untill this past year. She flat out told me she had an affair but that it was over. I was crushed to find that out. Since it was "ended" I told her it was fine when it really wasn't. I found out a month later that she hadn't ended the affair. That it was still going on. I kept my mouth shut. I know now that I should have said something but I just couldn't. I-"


"What do you mean, 'why'?"

"Why did you keep your mouth shut? Why didn't you tell somebody? Or better yet why didn't you break up with her?"

"You wouldn't understand. It's really hard to explain."

"Justin, I may look like I wouldn't know, but trust me I know more than you could imagine."

"What do you mean?"

She paused and looked at me before answering. "When I was 17 I was into a relationship with a guy I thought I knew. We had been together since I was 15 and on our 2 year anniversary he- he raped me. I didn't tell anybody because I thought he only did it because he was drunk. But I was wrong. About a month later he broke into my house while my parents were away and he took me to an abandoned factory. when he took the bag off my head there wa another girl there. He said 'Rosa meet my girlfriend Lauren.' I broke down in tears. He didn't rape me or do anything like that; he just went on and told me all of the things him and Lauren did together. When he finally let me go I ran. I kept running and running until I couldn't run anymore. The next day I tried to call him and break up with him but he wouldn't return any of my calls. About a month went by and I just gave up and called it quits with him. I haven't been in a relationship since and I promised myself I would never fall in love..."

I just stared at her in disbeliefe. Why would anybody do that to her? From what I have witnessed Rosa is the most caring and loving girl I've met. I looked down at my empty plate. "I havent told anybody because I've been with her for so long. I didn't wanna dissapoint my fans. They love seeing me and Selena together."

"Justin why cant  you do what feels right for you?"

I looked up at her. She was right. Maybe it is time that I did something for myself. I picked up my phone and dialed Selena's number but I didn't press call. I couldn't. It just didn't feel right. I backed out of the call section and put my phone away. "No, I can't."

"Why not!?"

"Cause I just can't Rosa!"

"God you are such a baby! You can't even make a decision that's right for you becuase your worried about your fans. 'Oh no, my name's Justin and I can break up with Selena because I am afraid of hurting my fans.' Well boo woo Justin!"

"Why do you even care?! Huh? Why do you want me to break up with her so badly!? Do you have a little crush on me or something? Huh?"

"No justin I don't have a fucking crush on you. Okay?! I'm sorry I don't like to see people getting walked on! God, Why would I even have a crush on you? I'm sorry I don't crush on people who wouldn't take a second look at me! I'm a freak okay!? But that doesn't mean I don't give a shit!"

What do I say now? "No, Rosa I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked. And Rosa?"

"What?" She snapped.

"Your not a freak..."

"Yeah sure."

"Rosa I-"

"Are you done eating? Cause if so I'm dropping you back off at the hospitol."

I gave up. "Yeah, I'm done."


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