Is This Love? (only read if you are 14 or older or mature enough)

Rosa has never been into celebritys, glamor, and everything else. She is a plain and simple girl who has never really been in love. She loves helping people and doing charity work. She has always told herself that she would never fall in love. But will that all change when she meets mega hot superstar Justin Bieber?


3. At Home

*Ria's P.OV*

As I walked into my condo I couldn't help but Think about mine and Justins conversation. Why did I tell him about me and Max and how he heated on me with Lauren? God, I can't believe I told someone this. I have never told anybody about that. Not even my dad who I trusted the most. Maybe it's time I told him what really happened between me and Max- No, my dad thinks me and him broke up because of disagreements. That's how its gonna stay.

I walked into my kitchen and grabbed the sour worms from the cubbord. Yum, my favorite. I went out back to the living room and flipped on the TV as I plopped down on the couch.

'Breaking news! Justing Bieber tells the madia all about Selena's affair! Will he stay with her or will he leave?'

What!? He took my advice and opened his mouth- RING, RING, RING! My phone interrupted my thought. I looked down and saw that it was an unknown number.

I answered. "Hello?"

"Is this Rosa?" A firmiliar voice asked.

"Yes this is. Who is this?"

"Rosa, its Justin."

"How the hell did you get my number?!"

"Oh, I asked Jamie for it when you dropped me off at the Hostpitol."


"Well I figured since we would be working together for the next two months I could get to know you. I-"

"Why did you tell the media?"

He paused. "I- I did what was right..."

"Did you do it because I asked you too or because you realized that it was the right thing to do?"

"It was what was right to do."

"Justin, why did you call me?"

"I-I....... I don't know. I guess it's because I wanted to talk to you."


"Umm, are you free tonight?"

"No. I have to go over to my cousins. I promised I would come over for dinner."


"Umm, maybe you could come over tomorrow after I'm home from work?"

"What time do you get off?"

"I work from 9 to 3."

"So when would you want me to come over?"

"I have to drive home in traffic then come home and change so get here around 4."

"Oh there's one problem."


"I have no clue where you live and I don't wanna be seen driving around just yet."

"Okay then. How about I pick you up from wherever you are staying?"

"I'm just staying at the Beverly Hills Suits."

"Okay that't not weird..."


"I work there."



"So you want me to just wait for you in the lobby at 3?"

"Yeah thats fine."

"Well its 2:00 now. What time do you have to get ready to leave?"

"I told her I would be there around 5. So at around 4 I need to get ready."

"Do you want me to let you go?"

"No!- I mean if you wanna you can but I'm not doing anything but eating sour worms and flipping through TV till then."

"So you want me to stay with you and talk?"

I could tell he was smiling through the phone. "Yeah, I would like that."

We talked for what seemed like forever! We talked about the past, played the question game,  talked about what we both want for the future. I could tell me and just were going to be great friends. In a way I wondered if he liked me, then I make the thought dissapear. There is no way He would ever like someone like me. Maybe I should change. Maybe I should be someone else to make people like me. May- No! What the hell was I thinking? I am perfect. I may have my flaws and everything else, and I may not look like other people but that doesnt mean I'm not. Just because Justin will never like me more then a friend doesn't mean I have to change.


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