Coincidence or its already destined for each other?

This story is a fan fiction of Harry Styles from One Direction.
It contains ten characters; Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Lady Sharmaine (Harry's girlfriend), Natka (Sharmaine's best friend), Adam (Natka's husband), Perrie Edwards, Eleanor Calder.

This story would focus into the love story of Harry and Sharmaine.

-- it all started from the wedding of Sharmaine's best friend Natka, his husband Adam introduce a young guy to Sharmaine who will be falling deeply in her but she didn't like him a bit because she thinks that he is too way older than her and she didn't like the annoying personaly that the guy have. Even Natka didn't want the guy for Sharmaine, so she ask her husband not to let the guy swain Sharmaine, but its too late, the guy got the number of Sharmaine already so he has the chance to call or text her anytime, anywhere. But Natka didn't know that this guy got a popular friends one of them was Harry.


1. The Big Wedding

*Sharmaine p.o.v*

"Ok! Time for photos! One, two, three!!" *click!* The bridesmaid rush over to see the picture taken, they scanned every single person on the picture "oh look Sharmaine! You look great in here!" as one of the bridesmaid shout "Oh yeah! You really look gorgeous! Even in personal! Look at you! You were so damn hot chick!" another bridesmaid shout out loud, "haha! Aawww! Thank you guys. Really appreciate it!" as I said to them.

As we ended up the celebration of my best friend's wedding, I've realize that this was the greatest wedding I've ever been attended on my entire life.

Its really sweet to see those young couples hugging in front of many people expressing their love for each other, my best friend Natka was sure lucky to have Adam as her wedded husband, and sure enough Adam was so damn lucky to have Natka as her wedded wife. I wish I could meet someone that would love me for me, be with me in my entire life.

I gave my wishes to the newlywed couple as Natka tearing up a bit and ran into me giving me a big hug while saying thank you, as I rub her back saying "your always welcome my dear"... And I kissed her forehead as a sign of our friendship, we always do that thing whenever we achieve something good.

Its exactly 10 in the evening when the party ended, Adam called me up and introduce me to his guy friend "Sharmaine! Come here for a second, I want you to meet my friend, Dylan." as he signaled his hands through Dylan. "Dylan, this is Sharmaine, Sharmaine this is Dylan." Dyland reach up his hands in me as I reach up my hands on him to shake.
He got a black stiff hair, blue eyes, High-bridge-nose, and a dark lips. I was surprised Adam would introduce me to a guy like him.
"hello there beautiful! You look gorgeous on your dress huh!" as Dylan complimented me "oh, thank you" I answered wisely. Dylan ask me so many questions, some of them were so personal some of them were not, or no sense at all... It wierd though. "how old are you? Huh, Sharmaine?" Dylan ask me "I'm only 19, how about you?" as I ask him directly "I am 9 years older than you.". Gosh, so that just means that he is already 28! Uh-oh! Sounds terrible, I don't like him anyways... I wanted to go home already!! Where is Natka! Gee!!
"do you have a boyfriend? Cause you know I kinda like you, you got that looks, body, and everything! Ya kno?" Dylan burst out as my eye widen from what he have said.
Gosh! He surely is annoying and arrogant man! "aahh, yeah, kinda. Well, look, I gotta go now. Ok? Nice meeting you by the way!" as I turn around facing the exit door but suddenly I felt like a big hands grabs my arms as I turn my head to look who it is, it is Dylan. "well, you know how about we see each other sometimes? Eh?" Dylan offered with an annoying grin on his face, I shot a look on him trying to make an onvious eye contact saying "HELL NO!!" but I think it isn't working on him. He kept his words and gave his number to me. I just ignore him and turn away.

As I successfully escaped from the terrible man on the wedding party I decided to walk back home besides, my flat was near where the wedding celebrated. While walking I'm thinking about the guy who annoys me really pretty, but it gets me more annoyed when I think of it, so I chose to think about my massive plans on my life, having a great job, finding a very nice and very deserving guy that I would be marrying someday. And ah! I forgot, I really wanna go to paris and stay their for my entire life. I think Paris was a great place to have my honeymoon someday. Wow, this is so funny, how could I think about this thing? And I'm still single.

"Sharmaine! Wait! Sharmaiiiinnneeee!!!" someone called me at the back, trying to to gain her breath. "oh! Natka! Why? Is there anything happen? Or what?" I ask her, "no, no, no, no.... There is nothing wrong, I just wanna say something, something really important, between you and me." Natka answered, and still trying to gain her breath and trying to hold some tears that was begging to come out on her beautiful eyes.

"Then, w-what is it?" i ask her with a sweet smile, her eyes was starring at mine, and she grabs me and hugs me tightly, like we've never seen for so long,
"I just wanna say thank you for everything, thank you for being there with me, thank you for all of your support, you know, I consider you as my sister, you were the best, and I just wanna say thank you for being a great best friend or should I say "sister", even though back then I was really stubborn trying to get wild on something, but you never let me get lost in this crazy world. Thank you so much Sharmaine, Thank. You. So. Much. You mean so much to me, you know that. I love you girl!" Natka burst out crying and still hugging me, I am so proud of her, so proud that she already changed for being a stubborn little girl.

"Aaaww, Natka, you don't have to thank me, I'm doing this things for you. And I love you, I really do. Stop crying like a little girl Natka, smile, smile for me. Your make up was already mess up! See that?" I answered her and pushing away her tears and letting her see the eyeliner that has been brushed by my finger.
"Don't worry Sharmaine, I'll find you somebody that you deserve! I'm sure, that guy was so lucky to have you. Haha!" she snap while she's gaining her composure. "oh! Knock it off Natka! Haha! Silly you!, well, I gotta keep going now dear, I'm kinda tired... And have a safe way back! Bye!!"

*Natalia's p.o.v*

-wedding reception-

I am so lucky to have her as my best friend, every single day, I thank God for giving her to me. She was like my big sister to me.

"Natka" Adam call me and introduce me to his long time friend Dylan.
"Natka, I want you to meet my best friend Dylan" I reach my hand on him for a handshake "Hi Dylan, I'm Natka, really nice meeting you." Dylan smiled at us "Wow, bro! You were so amazing! How'd you found her?"as Dylan trying to push some jokes "In my dreams, but it came true! It was kinda like magic! Oh! Have you seen her best friend Sharmaine? She's is so damn hot, man! For sure you'll gonna like her!"
Adam winked at Dylan and I push him with my right side elbow, trying to stop intorducing him to her, coz I don't think he's cute, having those dark lips? Eerr... Looks like a father to me.

"Oh, Dylan, um... Excuse us for a moment, thank you. Oh! And uh, yeah, enjoy the party!"
I grab Adam's Arm and drag him to the quite place "You shouldn't do that!" I scold him "do what?" adam ask "are you trying to sell my best friend Sharmiane to that old man Dylan?" Adam laugh so hard as if his lungs would go out blast "look beb, I am not selling you girl friend to Dylan, I just want him to meet her, that's all, there no selling here! Silly you." Adam still laughing at me and I gave him a deadly looks "don't you dare to introduce that Dylan to Sharmaine, she don't deserve that cougar! She's to way beautiful to have a relationship to that old guy of yours" Adam shot me with a puppy looks "ok beb, I'm sorry. But he is a nice guy." Adam trying to shot more "stop Adam, i just don't like him for my best friend, ok? So drop it." But Adam said a terrible word "but, there is one thing I've done not good" Adam shot with a sorry looks "and what is it??" I ask him with annoying tone "I already gave Sharmaine's number to him..." Adam nervously spill the words, "what the hell??! Adam! You shouldn't do that without her permission! That's too bad! Gosh, what if he calls her? Or...or.. Text her? Adam!" As I scolded him "ok, ok, I'm sorry beb, let's not ruin our wedding because of this, please beb? Please?" as Adam pleased me and I nodded.


*Sharmaine's p.o.v*

I drop my body on my comfy bed, trying to gain some rest, i was so damn tired this night on Natka's big wedding celebration. Well I enjoyed a lot, her bridesmaid were so pretty nice! But there is one thing who annoyed me on the wedding, Dylan.

I reach out the clock go see what time is it, and gosh, its already 12am, I'd better go to sleep, because tomorrow, I've got a lot of things that has to be setteple down.


*titititiiiiiit!!* *titititiiiiiiiit!!!* *titititiiiiiiiit!!* as my alarm started to make some annoying noise, I reach up my hand and push the off button hardly and got off the bed, I scan my reffrigerator finding nothing so I decided to have a breakfast on starbucks. I immediately washed my face with a cold water and it started to freeze me out to death, I forgot that is winter... Well, can't wait to have a dry season. As I stepped out the flat the air breeze blowed my hair really softly and I loved it.


"Goodmorning Ma'am!" as the crew greeted me warmly "Goodmorning too!".
As I walk through the oredering station I saw a curly guy starring at me he was seated next to the empty table, but I just ignored him. "one caramel frap please..." as I ordered "grande?" the crew asked me ad I said "yes please, thank you." "ok, ma'am, and what's your name ma'am?" another question from the crew as I decided to use Lady instead of Sharmaine, they usually get it wrong spelled and I don't think its not right "umm, Lady" as the crew smiled at me "wow, ok ma'am thank you..." one of the crew led me to the empty tabke near the curly guy, but I didn't mind at all, as they gave my my frap.

While sipping from my green straw, I felt that the curly guy was still starring at me.
But i kept ignoring it, I don't want to ruin my day.
Besides i am in good mood right now, no need to have some ridiculous time with strangers.

*Beep! Beep!* my phone rings to some text messages, but, it only just a number, so it meansthat I didn't know this person who's texting me right now.
As i scan the message its really some kind of person who is trying to introduce himself. "Good morning Sharmaine, its me, Dylan! Remember me? The guy from last night. How do you do? Are you free today?", wow this guy has a lots of guts. Besides he's not my type of guy, so funny of him, "oh, hello. Oh? I'm sorry but I got some few things to do today, maybe next time" as I texted back.

As I finished texting Dylan, I've realized that the guy beside where I am seated was still starring at me. I can see he was definitely cute, his eyes were green, his lips was so sexy, and he is wearing a beanie. I think I saw this guy before, he's face was so familiar to me. I scanned his face as I remember, he is Harry Styles from one direction! Gosh, so he is more cuter in personal... Well, instead of asking him why he was starring I led my self to my flat.

*Harry's p.o.v

Wow, I've never seen this girl before, she got a perfectly fit body, beautiful long hair, brown eyes and a sexy lips... Wonder what's her name.
The way she looks at me was so electrifying, her looks was so damn good!
My eyes locked up to her angelic face and on her beautiful eyes. Can't believe she didn't recognize me, besides I am a very popular guy that is known in the whole world. What's wrong with her? Isn't she a fond of music or what? And eerr, she lives in London, how come she doesn't know me at all. But, I think she knows me, she's not just kind of girl I used to know. Hhhhmmm so interesting. Really interesting. I wanna meet her.

As the crew led her to the empty table near me, I'd try to read her name written on her cup, but I coudn't I only see is letter L, A, D and what's next? If its Y then it is Lady... well, she got a rare one though, but its pretty.

I can see she is looking at me though, maybe she was wondering why am I looking at her.

As I walk through the parking lot my phone rings and as I pick it up it was Dylan trying to reach me, "hello? Dylan?" I answer my phone, "Harry! You won't believe me if I tell you this, I met a gogeous girl last night! Her name is Sharmaine, my friend Adam introduced me to her last night, I forced you to come but you won't, you lost a good damn time Harry!" as Dylan said to me shouting on the phone "really Dylan? Does she likes you? Haha! Naaaah! Just kiddin', well, you won't believe me right now if I tell you that I saw a girl beside me lately at the Starbucks coffee, she got these god damn gorgeous eyes and angelic face! You know what I mean! And the most interesting part is, she starred at me like she doesn't know me at all. How come she won't know me, I am Harry Styles from One Direction!" as I said to Dylan while I got in inside the car. "looks styles, if I let you meet that girl, for sure you'll gonna steal her from me! But don't dare to do that thing huh! Haha!" Dylan fired back at me "Oh, sure Dylan! But if I meet that girl and I introduce her to you don't dare to steal her away from me! You know it means war! Hahahaha! Ok, Dylan, look, I gotta go now, I'll call you later, I'm driving back to the flat right now" I told Dylan, coz I am not that kind of person who used to drive while talking on the phone, its dangerous you know "ok man! Haha! Have a safe drive! When you get the the flat...Call me!" Dylan agreed "yeah sure mate! Bye." as I put down my phone, I saw the girl in the starbucks before, the girl I was starrin at, she's walking and turn right side where the big apartment was located. I kept starring at her like a stalker, I've never done this thing before, its crazy! I turned my car where she was heading and I saw her heading inside the big apartment and took the elevator, gee I wanna see what floor her flat is. But, no, not a good idea, many girls were eyeing on me even paparazzi...

~hey guys, I wish you would love my first fan fic story, keep readin' for sure you'll love it. :)
Every chapter of this story I tried to make it more interesting for you guys! So! Keep reading it! a massive thank youuuuuu!!! :)) this is my first story, so please bare with me... �� thanks! Love lots! -Ladystyler
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