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I woke up in a very peculiar mood. I had a dream, not just any dream though; it felt like it was meant to be. An indistinct figure was telling me a weird piece of information, only I couldn't figure it out.

I got up and dressed in a rush because I could hear Barnaby whining. The grass was all white from frost and the air was nippy. I was walking down to the shore with my dog admiring the calm, blue ocean whilst smelling the sea salt in the air.

The sun rose enough to shine on the ocean and when it did, I couldn't believe my eyes. Some sort of creature leaped out of the water and back in again. I only caught a glimpse of it. It was magical. I saw a flash of iridescent scales and a black river of hair down its back. I then realised that the mysterious aspect was the icon in my dream. I could feel my body break out into cold sweats.

Then, a circle started to form in front of me, it was all kinds of colours, it was beautiful. I reached out for it, feeling like i could touch it. I couldn't help myself and my shaky hand got closer and closer. My hand went through the seal. As the circle swallowed me, my dream began to make sense and the indistinct figure smiled and pulled me down.

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