Twisted love

We all love twilight, mostly, and this is the first in a series called what if... I'm writing what would happen if Edward didn't stay with Bella in the end, instead he finds himself back in forks twenty years later, when Bella turns out not to be his soul mate, but her daughter is.


1. Mother of a vampire

I breathed in the fresh scent of blood, elk blood to be exact. I knew the fragrance well enough, the wildlife hadn't really changed since the last time I was here. Why would it? This place was perfect for herbivorous and maybe a few mountain lions. My family and I lived here around twenty years ago and then a hundred years before that, it was safe to come back though, no-one would remember us here. Except Bella that was, she would never have forgotten us. I sighed and slowed down, suddenly not very thirsty after all. I could always avoid Bella, she wouldn't even have to know I was here. Yh right, like rose wouldn't flaunt herself in front of Bella just to piss me off, just to hurt her more. I wasn't here to hurt Bella, wasn't here to see her heart break at the mere sight of me. Still she might have moved on, it was possible. I hoped it was possible. I had found soon after I left that Bella couldn't have been my true soul mate, my heart might have shattered but I had soon moved on, if she was truly my one and only I wouldn't have been able to do that.

Edward, what are you doing?I heard Alice ask from behind me, turning around I found her staring at me, her eyes wide and so filled with secrets that only she and I knew. I smiled at her reassuringly but she saw strait through me, she always did. With a shake of her spiky haired head she demanded the real answer.

"I'm fine Alice, I was just thinking." I explained. I couldn't help the frown that played on my lips, it not like I could like anyway, she would just know. Alice was the only one who really got me, we looked after each other, we had to.

About Bella. It was a statement, no question. I nodded slowly and her eyes saddened, she let something slip, a vision I hadn't seen. It was of Bella, looking around thirty eight and next to her stood a girl who looked exactly like her. The difference was the golden eyes and pale, white skin. No,no, no! How... how could that happen to Bella, surly this wouldn't happen to her. Edward calm down!

"Alice tell me that is not who I think it is, tell me that was just some kind of joke and rose is just starting to rub off on you." I demanded, this wasn't happening, no! Bella was supposed to have a good life, this had to be a joke.

I'm sorry Edward, I looked into it as soon as I first got the vision. It's true, Bella had a baby eighteen years ago and strange things started happening when she turned eighteen a few months ago, she got pale white ice skin and golden eyes, her features became perfect. I'm so sorry Edward, Bella's daughter is a vampire.I almost picked up a tree and threw it at her words, no, this wasn't right. Yet I found myself thinking now that it was harder for the girl than it was for Bella, after all she was the one that had to live in eternal darkness. 

"I'm not the one you should apologise to." I whispered darkly and then took off towards the old swan residents, hoping that Bella still lived there, and the girl too.


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