Twisted love

We all love twilight, mostly, and this is the first in a series called what if... I'm writing what would happen if Edward didn't stay with Bella in the end, instead he finds himself back in forks twenty years later, when Bella turns out not to be his soul mate, but her daughter is.


4. More like a Siren

I didn't like this, the situation was too uncomfortable. Bella staring at me with hatred in her eyes, Jack mirroring his wife's expression, and then there was Carly looking so innocent with her Bambi eyes. One look at her and my heart melted, I didn't want to cause unease in her life. 

"You aren't!" Carly burst out suddenly, answering my unspoken words. My eyes widened and I felt like I'd been punched in the solar plexus. 

So, Carly had just made herself become the awkward one by accident. I saw her cringe as Bella and Jack stared at her wide raised eyebrows, I wanted to put myself in front of her like some kind barrier that shields her from their stares.

"What I meant was that you aren't leaving yet are you?" Carly asked, turning her gaze back to me, I could see the pleading in her eyes and it broke my heart. I couldn't stay any longer though, I had to tell the others about Carly. When she gave me a questioning look about my thought I almost had to grind my teeth, I hated that she could hear all my thoughts. The irony of that really hit me hard.

I'll be back I thought, knowing that she was keeping track of every thought I had.

She smiled, cute dimples showing. I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and never let go. All I wanted was Carly, nothing more, nothing less. Just Carly, the daughter of the one I loved, and the one I despised with a burning hunger.

"I better be off. Carlisle will want help with unpacking," before there could be any further discussion, I disappeared, heading North to our home.

If I went South, I'd end up at La Push, where the Quileute pack lived, and I didn't want to see them. Jacob had probably started growing again, and probably fathered a family. Who knows? Not me, and I didn't want to find out. Not now and hopefully not ever. 

I hurried back home, they were all gathered so I didn't have to wait for them. Alice was beaming of course, Rosalie was scowling, Emmet was laughing with Esme and Carlisle. It was Carlisle's reaction that surprised me when I finally finished telling them about Carly, he seemed to find it funny, this was anything but funny! It was one of those disasters that you thought only happened in bad romances. I listened to all their thoughts and though they were wearing different expressions they all conveyed the same thoughts, that it was amusing. Before I could yell at them that it wasn't funny there came a soft knock at our door. I used super speed to race to the door and all but rip it open, in the doorway stood a smiling Carly. 

"Hello Edward." She said, her voice soft and quiet. All I could focus on was the movement of her lips, the way they curved beautifully before resting back in their original position. When she moved her hair away from her face and I soon found myself looking into the purest, most entrancing eyes that I had ever seen. She was a half vampire but she seemed to be more like a siren, and I was more than ready to answer her song. Without any time to reason or thought, I grabbed her by the waist and crushed her against as I pushed my lips down onto hers. There was no resistance, she wound her arms around my neck to hold me down though I could think of nowhere else I would want to be. I felt as though nothing in the world could drag me away. 








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