Twisted love

We all love twilight, mostly, and this is the first in a series called what if... I'm writing what would happen if Edward didn't stay with Bella in the end, instead he finds himself back in forks twenty years later, when Bella turns out not to be his soul mate, but her daughter is.


3. It's Happening Again...

The way the skin under her eyes crinkled softened me. What? No! It was happening again...

Her eyes widened, and I realised that she was reading my mind. That was annoying... So I guess that's how others feel when I read their minds. 

I slightly shook my head, telling her with my thoughts not to mention it. Her beautiful eyes flickered between me and her mother, who was still stood there, awe struck. 

"Why are you here?" Bella put up a tough front, standing slightly in front of Carly, in a protective way.

I almost laughed at how pathetic the attempt was, but I would never laugh at Bella. Only with her. All of my feelings for Bella had disappeared, but I still cared for her. 

"Who..." I trailed off, frowning.

How did I word that? I wanted to ask who she'd married, or was in a relationship with, but I didn't want to sound rude either.

Well, it must have been this Jack Davis guy. I swear, as soon as I saw him, I would rip his head off and let him burn in hell...

"Who's this, love?" an guy with extreme muscle wrapped a thick arm around Bella's waist from behind her, breathing in her scent. 

Bastard. Why are the Cullen's back? he thought, making a small snarl ripple past my lips.

I covered it up, and pretended not to take note of that crude thought. I just dismissed it into the pile of other neglected issues. His eyes were also yellowy hazel, he must have fed recently. His jet black hair was about chin length, and quite messy, but that was the style. His face was well structured, and thin, high cheekbones, set on a broad body. An odd combination, but it worked. 

"Edward. We used to know each other," anger radiated from Bella's tiny frame, and I could tell she was not pleased to see me again. 

Carly looked so innocent... I just wanted to hold her forever, and never let anything hurt her. 

This was seriously awkward. I'd just returned from Alaska, and I'd also stayed in Greenland, to find this. My ex girlfriend, who I'd loved with a burning passion was married to another vampire called Jack Davis. She had a half human half vampire daughter called Carly. Instead of having a burning passion back for me, she had a burning hatred towards me. And worst of all, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with her daughter. 

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