Twisted love

We all love twilight, mostly, and this is the first in a series called what if... I'm writing what would happen if Edward didn't stay with Bella in the end, instead he finds himself back in forks twenty years later, when Bella turns out not to be his soul mate, but her daughter is.


2. Beautiful clone

That couldn't even be possible, I mean how? Or who!? It was impossible for that to even happen... how can a bloody vampire impregnate anyone, let alone a human?!

I sucked in a deep breath, puffing out my chest, and braved knocking on the door. If my heart could beat, it still probably wouldn't be. Seven painful seconds dragged past, and an averagely pretty woman answered it. Who was it, again? Jessica! That's the one. Bella and her had been friends, despite how bitchy Jess had actually turned out to be.

"Can I help you?" she looked quite star struck, wondering why on earth a random eighteen year old was on her friend's doorstep.

Wait... what if Jessica had moved in here, and Bella was long gone, living the dream? What if she'd left Forks, going to look for a more productive country?

"Hi, does Bella Swan live here?" I nervously shifted my weight between my feet, half hoping she did live here, and half hoping she didn't.

I couldn't imagine being able to see that cute heart shaped face, chocolatey brown eyes I could drown in, with matching hair, and perfect, full lips. I couldn't stand seeing that much pure beauty again. 

"Uh, yeah, do you mean Bella Davis, the one married to Jack?" she double checked, remembering Bella's maiden name. 

"Yes," I replied, swallowing the lump building in my throat. 

The smell of Jess' blood was swimming through my senses, but I was more or less used to it. 

She disappeared into the small house, obviously going to tell Bella a strange eighteen year old was asking for her, by her maiden name. 

A stunning woman, a bit old for an 'eighteen' year old, appeared in the doorway, looking at her phone screen. I cleared my throat, and she looked up.

A whole lifetime passed through her eyes, and her phone shattered as it hit the tiled floor. The sound momentarily deafened me, and she just stood there, eyes wide, pale with shock, and looking sick with emotions. Tears glistened in her eyes as she gazed on me, my beautiful Bella. I didn't know what to say, I was awe struck by the beautiful woman who stood in front of me. 

I just stood there looking at her, unsure of what else to do. She was still here, still stunning in a way that had always struck me. It hurt me to think that I was no longer the one who held her heart as my own, yet it made me happy to, I could never have given her what she needed. The scent of roses and apples wafted up my nose from somewhere behind Bella as a dainty hand appeared on the door.

"Mom, are you ok?" It was a girls voice, high and quiet, it sounded so much like Bella. It had t be her, the girl from Alice's vision. As the thought came a face appeared, heart shaped, full lips, fair silky looking skin and soft golden eyes with hair browner than the forest floor.

Bella looked back at the small figure that stood beside her in the doorway, the perfect clone of her all apart from the eyes and Ice pale skin. 

"Hello there Edward, it's so nice to meet you, I'm Carly." Holding out her tiny little hand, Carly's eyes were so full of hope and kindness. I could almost physically feel her smile in my heart, or at least I would if it still beat. 

"How did you know my name?" I asked, a mere whisper on my lips. Lips that dared to wish fr the feel of another's, the feel of Carly's. I wanted it so badly. What the hell was that about? "Don't be worried, I know all about you, I saw you coming." Carly explained but that didn't clear anything up. Her eyes shone in a way Alice's did when she had just seen something in real life that she had seen in a vision. But... That wasn't possible, Carly couldn't be able to see the future, could she? Bells sighed at her daughters words and I drew my attention back to her. "Edward, I should probably tell you about Carly, she is quite special. I remember that some vampires have gifts, well Carly doesn't have just one, she has them all." Bella explained and I was stomped. I had heard that it was possible to have all the gifts but only a very strong vampire could have them. I reached out for the girl's mind but there was just silence, she really was her mother's perfect clone.

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