Maysilee runs away from her abusive dad, Chris, into an unexpected person. She ran into her favorite part of a park, knowing her dad wouldn't find her. She meets the guy of her dreams but will the hate mail, blackmail, and pain get to her. And will she survive?


2. The explanation


Pants? Harry? Carrots?Louis takes my hand and leads me into the living room. I sit down next to Louis and we hear footsteps coming down the stairs. "Hey i'm Liam." he tells me I smile. "Zayn." I look down at the ground. Next I meet Niall and Harry. " What's your name love?"Liam asks me. "Maysilee,"I reply and before they can ask me why don't I wanna go home I get a txt its from Chris: I will find you and you will be sorry you ever ran away. I start to cry and the boys gather me into a group hug. Zayn being himself grabs my phone and reads it out loud. He then pulls me into a hug. " We won't let him get to you." "You wanna tell us what's going on May?" Louis asked. "Ok," I wipe away my tears and start," My mom died when I was 10. He was engaged to her. After she died he got mad. One day he came home drunk and started slapping me. It got worse every time, he started tying me to my bed and lets just say I learned how to be a human jump rope the hard way. And now here I  not tied to my bed." I smiled that's not what they were expecting  and just keep smiling.My life just got a whole lot better

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