Maysilee runs away from her abusive dad, Chris, into an unexpected person. She ran into her favorite part of a park, knowing her dad wouldn't find her. She meets the guy of her dreams but will the hate mail, blackmail, and pain get to her. And will she survive?


1. running


Hi! I'm Maysilee May Cropper and I'm 18 years old. I live in Doncaster,England. My mom died when I was 10 and that's when the abuse started. I have scars on my wrists where I am tied up at night. Let's just say that I learned to be a human jump rope the hard way. I don't listen to music but love it I know how to play guitar, piano, flute, cello, violin, triangle,drums, harmonica, harp and electric guitar. I love playing them! I have dark brown hair with a pink highlight. I'm 5'4 and have light skin. I have no friends and get beat by my 'dad' He's not really my dad but he was engaged to my mom when she died so he says to call him dad. And that's my life. But their is more to my story...



I scream when my dad grabs me by the hair and tosses me into the room. " I didn't do it  I swear."I cried out as he kneed me in my stomach." Shut up bitch!"He screamed into my face and then slapped me. I felt blood running down my face. " I want water and a beer upstairs now while I sleep." I run off and go upstairs put it on his table. Thank God he is asleep. I go and grab all my stuff. My Ipod, phone, clothes shoes, and the 6,000 dollars that I started to save since mom died into a small suitcase/backpack, and run out the door. "HEY GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!!"I hear Chris scream but to late I'm out the door and running full blast ahead not looking back.

I lost him. I walk to my favorite place in the park and hold up my hand to stop my bleeding cheek and cry. "What's wrong love?" I hear a voice say. I tensed up because it  of been Chris. "Relax I'm not going to hurt you." I look up and see the cutest guy standing in front of me."hi."Is all I say." Why are you holding your cheek?" he asks,"My names Louis by the way."I'm Maysilee."I reply and show him my cheek."O my Gosh'' he says,''Where are you going?" I start to cry," I don't know, just not back home." "Come with me, you an stay with me and my friends.""Ok" I sniff grab my stuff and follow him to his car. 


When I saw her cheek I was so mad. I wan ted to kill whoever did that to a beautiful girl like Maysilee. The car ride to the house I share with the boys was a long one. "So why did you say you didn't want to go home?"I ask her. " I don't really want to talk about it."she says quietly."its ok tell me when your ready." We get to the house and we walk in."CARROTS I'M HOME!!!!" I scream and look over at Maysilee she's giggling. "Close your eyes for a sec love,"I tell her, "HARRY PUT SOME PANTS ON!!WE HAVE A GUEST!!!" "wha?" Maysilee says. Harry only puts boxers on unless we go somewhere."I reply. 


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