Pushed to fall

'It' girl Teri has an amazing life. Good Grades, loads of friends and a drop dead gorgeous boyfriend, Greg. But when her life spins out of control, including regular visits to her phsyciatrist and temporarily paralysed, will she ever get her life back?


3. Pushed to Fall

'Hey babe x Meet me 2night at the Rashleigh, the one with the amzing balcony and view at 8:00 x Dress nice or at least as nice as me ;) xx' read the note from my gorgeous boyfriend. I winked at him and smiled. His stunning blue eye gently shut and opened again back at me.

"Pay attention Teri!" Shouted Barnett, our stupid humanities teacher who spits everywhere when he talks. Gross, I know. It's impossible to ignore the little bubbles of saliva that end up on our desks.      

I mumbled, "Yes sir." as I sneakily grinned at Greg.

Greg sounds quite rude, but he's just cheeky. And a complete sweetheart at times.

As soon as the bell went for the end of the day I rushed home to get ready for my date. Before I could leave I bumped into my two friends bullying this girl called Talia. I never try to stop so I just watch. Talia ran off, tears running down her face. Quickly, I walked away, home.

I shoved open my wardrobe doors to find the perfect outfit. I managed to find a cute purple dress with straps and a little bow. Delicitly, I slid it on and found some silver pumps and a silver alice band to match. Luckily, I had this glittery silver eyeshadow and a pinky lip gloss and I stroked it on. My hair fell onto my shoulders as I let it down and curled each bit of my hair, not that I really needed to.

On the way out, I grabbed my little purse, silver cardi and house keys. I shouted good bye and walked out the door.

On the way there, my heart was racing. I always got like that before I met up with Greg. He was always so pristine without even trying, and I could spend hours trying to get ready, but ended up looking worse.

I was greeted with a soft kiss and a warm hug.                                                                                        

"Hey beautiful. You look stunning!" Greg whispered in my ear. I turned round to meet his glistening blue eyes. They are the best sight in the whole world; literally. Sounds cheesy, but I could drown in those pools of sapphire gold. 

I honestly did love him with all my heart, and hopefully he felt the same way.

He had reserved a beautiful table on the balcony of the restaurant. This is where he took me on our first date.

"Aww Greg this is so sweet!" I said in a high pitched tone, of an excited teen.

"Its the least I could do for a beautiful princess like you!" He whispered into my hair.

He pulled out my chair like a proper gentlemen, the one he could be if he wanted to. He had ordered two cokes already for us. 

"Its beautiful up here Greg. But the best thing of all, is being here with you." I told him lovingly.

We gazed into each others eyes and leaned forward until our lips touched and our tongues danced together. We slid back into our chairs and smiled at each other romantically.

Ring, Ring! Greg's phone. 

"Sorry, it's my mum so I gotta take this. I'm so sorry." He apologized, and stood up, looking quite embarrassed.

I sighed, and zoned out, leaning back in my chair. I wasn't that fussed that Greg was answering a call, those things happen sometimes.

About five minutes later, he returned, I stood up to greet him, but it wasn't Greg. Where was Greg!?

A girl with dark hair, and evilly dark eyes smirked. She shouted something in my face, and the next thing I knew, glass was shattering around me. 

A soft pain stung my shoulders. I'd been pushed. 

Air rushed me, glass dug into my skin, and I felt myself falling three floors to my death. A bubble of emotion wrapped around me, and I heard Greg yell my name. I looked up, and he was looking over the edge of the balcony, desperation in his eyes. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion next.

My head came into contact with a concrete floor, my arm snapped underneath me, and my vision went black. My leg twisted into an unnatural position, and I heard cried and shouts, mainly from Greg. No pain encompassed me. All I could think of was Greg, the only guy I'd ever loved, and the girl who pushed me. The girl who was constantly bullied. The girl who I never stuck up for. Talia.


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