Pushed to fall

'It' girl Teri has an amazing life. Good Grades, loads of friends and a drop dead gorgeous boyfriend, Greg. But when her life spins out of control, including regular visits to her phsyciatrist and temporarily paralysed, will she ever get her life back?


2. Perfection

*Short chapter* 

People approached me, smiling, greeting me, acting normal. Same as always.

A stunning boy with quiffed, dirty blond hair, and piercing blue eyes came up to me, smiling perfectly, showing off an amazing cheek bone structure. A smile spread across my face, when I realised that this gorgeous boy was my boyfriend.

"Hey, love," he greeted, wrapping one arm around me in a half hug. 

His other arm was behind his back, holding something. I knew exactly what it was. 

I shoved my hand in my black, school trouser pocket, retrieving a delicate, silky red petal, still in pretty good condition. I handed it over to him, and he gave me the blood red rose he held behind his back. 

Every day, Greg would give me a rose, as long as I gave him a petal from the one he gave me the day before. So far, I hadn't forgotten, and it had been about nine months since we'd became official. 

Greg was about five inches taller than me, but his hair probably added a couple more inches. He spent more time on his hair than what anyone I knew did. Vain Greg. He wasn't really vain in a bad way, he just kind of fancied himself... anyway, back to the point.

The strong scent of his cologne warmed me to the soul, making me smile even more. Everything was just amazing. I had an amazing boyfriend, straight A's, friends, everything I'd ever wanted. My life finally felt perfect.

"C'mon, the bell's gonna go in a minute," Greg filled the gaps between my fingers with his, pulling me into the Language block, where our form was.

People milled about inside, doing nothing in particular, our form tutor sat at the front, looking through files. Everything was just so perfectly normal, exactly how everything should be. 

When I said 'My life was finally perfect', I didn't mean it as a challenge...

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