When everything goes Wrong

Nicci is an average girl that has lived through divorce, and the death of her grandfather and her aunt. Whom she was very close too. She fell into a deep depression.


4. Why now?

So Its me Nicci I'm in seventh grade now. It's been so long since I have had to deal with sickness in my family. This has been hard for me because right before summer after 6th grade my Aunt's cancer came back. She started having seizures again. I went back to taking care of her everyday I have never  trusted the nurses from hospice. They upset me a lot.

"What kind of medications does she take?" one of the nurses asked my Poppa. " She takes them I don't know what their names are I can get them if you would like me to." He replied "No thats fine" the nurse replied as if annoyed. I was sitting over in the corner listening to the conversation, but I wasn't going to say anything so I thought. "Well, she takes these and these but she can't take them with this." I piped of rather rudely. "And how do you know missy? You are what 10 years old?" She said boorishly as if I did something wrong. I replied "Well, I have practically lived here my whole life and have helped take care of her since she got sick the first time." " Well, that doesn't mean you know what you are talking about." she said as if I was 2 years old. 

These nurses really get on my nerves. They think because I'm 12 years old that I have no idea what I'm talking about. I mean I have practically lived with my Poppa and Aunt Cindy since I was five. I know a lot more than the average 12 year old. 

A few days later...

So I have a few friends that I am  really close to and that I can trust. I don't trust many people since the divorce. I started liking this guy, who I have been friends with forever. The only problem is my father says I can't date, and the guy hass to be white. This is the down fall Tony is mexican but he is soo sweet. We tell each other almost everything. There are somedays that we don't get along to well but that's ok. the only thing is he found out that he's moving and I don't know what I'm going to do without him in Washington anymore. I mean I have Lakota, Macy, Kennedy, Caitlin and Hannah but its just not the same.

It's about September now and Cindy was put in the hospital. She has lost most of her speech and all feeling in her right side. So before she was registered into the hospital I was helping lift her up out of her wheel chair and helped her get into the shower and helped the nurses understand what she wants. I go to see her everyday after school, I talk to her even though she has fallen into this deep sleep almost as if it was a coma but its not. I miss her so much we have this special bond that no one person can break. I am very strong but I hate not being able to have a full conversation with her. I am in choir so I would go in and sing to her because she liked it when I sang. She opened her eyes the other day and smiled at me.

It's October first...

No one is in Cindy's room except me I started talking to her and she responded with a full sentence and I thought she was coming back. Boy was I wrong.

I started off "Aunt Cindy what should I do? I love dad but I am so much happier at moms house. I don't want to leave Poppa but I need to be there for my mom and sisters too."  she responded I didn't expect her to. She said "Go to your mom, your dad is going to change he will be hurt." I couldn't figure out what she meant. After she said that she went back to her sleep. 

Tomorrow is homecoming Go DEMONS!!!!

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