When everything goes Wrong

Nicci is an average girl that has lived through divorce, and the death of her grandfather and her aunt. Whom she was very close too. She fell into a deep depression.


9. Two years left

Many people notice when you change and when you change sometimes it's not always for the best. I know people change for a reason, but in my case I didn't really have a reason I just kept on saying "I still don't know what on earth to do with out them." It's been almost 5 years total. I just keep on pushing through everything. 


I have changed and I wont deny that I have. Stress does that to you, but I think I'm moving on. I think I like someone, someone that no one would expect me to like. I'm even a little shocked by the thought of liking him. I told Lakota, and Kennedy they looked at me as if I were a raging lunatic. If you would like to know I think I really like Jeff, and I mean him of all people this is one thing I never thought I would hear my self say. We have never gotten along, life never seems to go how you think it will.  As I say I like Jeff I can say I love someone else though. The one I love his name is Joe. I call him Joejoe everyone says that we are going to get married one day. Joe and I have always had a thing but things never work out like we want. 


Now that I think about it more and more things will never work out with either one of them. I mean Joe is sweet but no where near mature, and well Jeffery on the other hand I just can't ever stand to be in the same room as him; he may be cute an all but he seems to becoming more narcissistic. I'm learning to deal with the disappointments as I grow older. Things are working them selves out. I have learned not to rely on myself or other to figure out a problem I let it work the knots out over time. 


Even though I have changed I am beginning to think that it truly is for the better. I may not be perfect but I am  learning how to be the best me possible. The more I think the more I begin to know, the more I know the more I begin to notice how different the things and the people are around me. The more these happenings occur the more I realize that the world freezes just for a second, just long enough for me to notice a disturbance some where. *as the world freezes* I notice something weird the ones that have always put me down the one that always bullied me, he himself is getting the same treatment from his so called cronies. *World coming back to the present vastly* 


"Yo Jeff," I hear myself say, not something I would usually do. "Do you want to come walk with me?" I utter the words trying to figure out what the hell  I am doing. Through the silence and stares I hear a soft voice saying "Yeah, why not?" it, it was Jeff to my surprise. We got to talking, he asks " Nicci of all people why are you the one helping me out of that situation?" "Because I care, I care about other people." I respond slowly. "Why, why on Earth would you give a damn  about me? I mean I treat you horribly I never give you the chance to explain yourself." "Well I know what it's like to be in the same spot, I mean you should know this" I said a bit haughty. "Well I'm sorry, and I really truly mean it. So have you heard some of the things people have started saying about us?" he said, changing the subject. " Well you mean like us getting married some day or the "Preschool love" we have going on?" I said quickly as if I dreaded saying those words. His response slow " Y-yeah, that stuff what do you think about it? I mean I have always kind shrugged it off till now, I actually think you're pretty cool."


Woah did Jeff really say I'm cool  to talk to? I cant believe this. As a huge smile appears on my face I feel my face turning red. The guy I've had a crush on since 6th grade just told me I'm cool, how do I respond. I'm blushing so badly, when I look up I see a grin on his face as if he liked me.

Jeff's grin got wider, which I couldn't quite believe. "You know, I have liked you for awhile now?" he said. I stood there motionless, did Jeff really just say he likes me. I know my mind is no where near small, but I could not wrap that thought around anything. "No, I didn't" I said half bashful.  What do I do how am I supposed to respond I don't even know. He looked at me shyly and said "Well, I know after all the things I did to you; you probably don't like me." I don't know what to say I would never have imagined that he of all people would like me. What do I do? "Most people would think that, but I have liked you for far to long." I said slowly trying not to stutter. 


I don't know what I just did. He turns and looks at me, as if he is bewildered. Standing there talking the world comes to a halt, everything frozen in time. Jeff turned around his face was red as can be, is he okay? is he going to cry? His eyes are watering, I have never seen him look like this before. Then right as I say I should get going he grabs my hand and told me something I will never forget.


"Nicci, I... I... I can't possibly believe that. You expect me to believe after me trumping over you time and time again, that you have feelings for me?" Jeff is standing there in great disbelief. I can feel my face turning red, almost like I am going to cry. "Don't you believe me? Of all the things I have told you, I utter the truth."  Standing still he is just staring at me. "Nicci, I fell head over heals for you three years ago. I just couldn't find a way to tell you or even my friends." I'm shocked there is no way Jeff could ever have feelings for me. I mean he is this big shot athlete that is overwhelmingly popular. "How could you like me? I'm not athletic by any means, I'm not popular, or pretty for that matter." He is just standing there smiling, next thing I know he's leaning forwards. 


No, there is not a chance any of this just happened. Did Jeff just kiss me? He did, we are holding hands I am so confused. What is happening?  I've never once thought that this would happen to me in my life time. So a few weeks have passed and its astonishing the things that can change when you start dating someone  with "power" over the school. I'm still best friends with Lakota and Kenny, but everyone seems to be nearly bowing at my feet. I kind of like this feeling, I know its a little greedy. I was at the bottom and now in the matter of two weeks I'm on top of the world.




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