When everything goes Wrong

Nicci is an average girl that has lived through divorce, and the death of her grandfather and her aunt. Whom she was very close too. She fell into a deep depression.


6. Recap

Well I guess I should recap I mean a lot has happened.




I am almost 16 my name is Nicci I have siblings but don't worry about them.


My Aunt just passed away and for some reason I am always in trouble. I tend to snap really easy now. I have lost a few friends because of this, but I am starting to pull myself together. Things are hard lately because my father wont let me do anything lately. I have ended up with straight A's since all this happened and I spend half of my time talking to the school counselors.

Nobody seems to understand the pain I'm going through. It gets really irritating oh, well I have learned to live with it.

Although I have made a great friend her name is Kennedy, she moved here from Davenport. She has gone through a lot, and has helped me some. So I decided that I would help her. Before Ken moved here her step-dad would beat her and threaten to kill her younger brother, so she got heavy into drugs and alcohol at a young age. I have since kept her sober by being there when she needed someone most to fill the void of what she would use the drugs for. 

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