When everything goes Wrong

Nicci is an average girl that has lived through divorce, and the death of her grandfather and her aunt. Whom she was very close too. She fell into a deep depression.


2. Preschool

I just turned four so excited to start school next week. "Mommy when do I get to go to school?" I asked in a whiney tone. "Soon honey soon, do you have everything ready?" mommy said. "Yes!! I gots my crayons, and my pwaydough." I went on as any 4 year old would. Mommy sounded upset when she said "Ok honey, just making sure."

First Day Of School:

"Mommy!!!!! I go to school today" I screamed. She sounded irritated because I woke her up "Yes, yes I know. Go get dressed." "Otay I will get my teletubbies on"I said very joyfully. This was my favorite outfit. Mommy said "Okay hurry up so you can eat." " I did eat." I said grumpily

Later that morning about 9:15ish

We have arrived at St.James catholic school and church. This is not where I was soposed to go, but they were the only preschool that would accept my application late. The only reason it was late is because my Momma had been very sick. Although me being at school for part of the morning will be good for her. Considering that she runs a day care. The kids there are always mean to my baby brother.

"HIIII, I'm Nicci" I screamed as I entered my class room. "Well hello there Nicci glad to have you here today." Said my teacher Mrs. Chalupa. "Am I going to make new friends?" I asked in my kiddish tone. "Yes,yes you are. There are so many students you can make friends with." Mrs.Chalupa replied loudly. As I look over I see James "Hi James!!! I havent seen you for a while now." I said rather loudly. " Nicci, I missed you" James sounded so cute when he said this. 

I miss the good ole days when I didn't have to deal with so much drama. Anyways.... Back at my house.

Mommy and Daddy are fighting again, and I'm taking care of my two year old brother. "I I'm scared" said my brother Karl crying. I was crying by this time too "M me too, why is daddy being so mean?" I said bawling. 

My dad was throwing pots and pans even cookie sheets. This was very scary. Mommy took me and Karl and we got in the car. We had no idea where we were going to go. We sat in the car for what seemed like forever. Although it was probably and hour or two. Im not sure I mean I was only four. All I know is that we ended up staying in this town called Cedar Rapids. My mum ended up moving there after living with one of her friends for a few months. I would get up early every morning I had school and we would drive for awhile until we got there I usually slept on the way there.

One day I heard mom and dad talking about this thing called divorce. I didn't know what it was for the longest time. My brother and I ended up living with our dad. We didn't know the difference between this separation and from what went on every other day. Being with dad was a little different though, because we hardly ever saw him. Dad was always working, so we stayed with grandma and grandpa a lot or we would stay with our Poppa Don. We always had fun if we were staying with either one of them. If we were at grandma and grandpa's we would play monopoly  or go fish (the card game) this was always fun.


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