When everything goes Wrong

Nicci is an average girl that has lived through divorce, and the death of her grandfather and her aunt. Whom she was very close too. She fell into a deep depression.


3. Growing up a little to young

I have become very familiar with the word death. This is very scary for me I don't want to die, I am like every other kid who wants to live forever and change the world and do great things. I have always wanted to help the police. This story doesn't com in until later back to everything else

I just lost my great grandma and great grandpa this was devastating for the rest of my family. I didn't understand what was going on or happening. All I knew was that Mom was very sad and crying. I hate seeing people cry  so I started crying; this was bad because I had never seen my grandpa George cry. Since he was crying I knew something was really wrong.  This was the longest year of my life is what it seemed like. 

With everything else that happened my Aunt Cindy got diagnosed with a brain tumor, which later turned out to be cancer. This part of my life was hard for me because there is no reason a 7 year old should have to grow up to act like an adult. I had to take care of my brother before and after school even when we had a babysitter. She never did anything I had to take care of her grandkids too (not fun). After we got picked up everyday from the babysitters house I went to my Poppa Don's and Aunt Cindy's house to make sure everything was ok and that they didn't need to much help with anything.

"Aunt Cindy what's wrong with you? Why did you start forgetting things that you never forget?" I asked in a very soft tone. She laughed and said "Well, I got my brain professionally scrambled and that I am very sick and there is nothing they can do to fix it. I have to take yucky medicine and they had to take out the stuff that made me sick and it hurt part of my brain." I started tearing up "Why did God choose you to get sick it's not fair." She said "Yes, I know but life's not fair."

This conversation went on for awhile but Aunt Cindy always said she forgot things because of her brain surgery. She always said its the doctors fault her brain was scrambled, this made me laugh. Aunt Cindy had started getting better through the years. With this happening I learned life isn't fair, while my friends were going to sleepovers and birthday parties I was at home either watching my brother or doing little things to help out Poppa and Aunt Cindy. I grew up with in a short amount of time. 

People always asked me why I was so quiet now and hardly said anything. I turned to them and replied "It's easier to hold back the pain than it is to show the world and feeling week.The only thing I need is God and to keep my family strong. I started praying every night even though I was never taught to pray I learned, I was never taken to church so I had no idea about anything. I just knew there was God and that's the man who helps everyone who believes. Things started improving ,but not how we wanted them to.  

While trying to be careful so I could do anything I was asked. I managed breaking my wrist roller skating at school. This is because I was being to careful and not paying attention to what I was doing. All is okay now but I hurt really bad. I was still only a second grader taking car of someone much older than I. I honestly think I grew up to young its okay. I wish I would have had a childhood with friends and toys, and not with taking care of my family.

Through out the years I learned to cope, not in the best way but it all works out. Some days I just breakdown though it can be real tough. I will always push through any problem, I put everyone else before myself.

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