When everything goes Wrong

Nicci is an average girl that has lived through divorce, and the death of her grandfather and her aunt. Whom she was very close too. She fell into a deep depression.


8. Freshmeat

Well Kennedy, Lakota and I are freshmen now. We are back at the bottom for the food chain. We are the biggest geeks around. Lakota is in love with band while Ken and I just kinda go with the flow of everything. With being the youngest of the three of us, I get out ruled quite often. 


They enjoy making me be the ice breaker when they find a guy. If they think he's cute its left to me to see if the guy likes them. I think it's funny when I get left to do this task because sometimes I tell little white lies to make them look good. Sometimes this doesn't always go as planned. I have been single for awhile now but that doesn't bother me much. Kennedy has started dating this guy named Brandon that we always teased her about. Brandon is one interesting person so is his best friend Shannon. Shannon is pretty awesome, he dated Lakota last year.


Life just turns to hell if you let people walk all over you like I did. I let people walk over me and push me around, I finally got the courage to tell them to back off. I never really understood why they chose me. The one thing that always makes me mad is when they bring up my Grandpa, or my aunt. It irks me sooo much. These people do it because they know its my weak point because both of them passed away and I was so close to them. I get very angry when people pull that card and I tend to say things in the heat of the moment and regret them later. This happened to me in 7th grade a guy named Jeff upset me and I told him that I was glad that I'd never have to see him again. Now he treats me like crap and I never realized that was the reason why. 


Being freshmeat isn't always that fun. The upperclassmen tend to think they can control you, that's not that fun at all. 



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