Spirit of the Dog

I'd like to keep you in suspense. If you want to know about the story, open it and read away! - This is an entry for the Spook Stories competition.


1. Spirit of the Dog

James, Scott and Charles were three friends who lived in a village in the 1950s. Among the three children, James was the oldest and Scott was the youngest. The three boys used to meet everyday to play hide and seek near a coconut plantation.

Scott's father was the owner of the plantation. Therefore the three boys got the chance to drink fresh coconut juice everyday. Scott naturally became a skilled coconut-climber following the footsteps of his beloved father. Normally, he would be the one who would climb up the coconut tree to pluck some young coconuts for his friends.

"How can I learn to climb a coconut tree as good as you? It's amazing how you can reach the top of the tree under a minute!" asked James as he scooped the flesh of the coconut fruit with a teaspoon.

"Sure, but are you strong enough?" asked Scott.

"Don't worry, he's strong. He even beat up the village bully yesterday. Then he threw him into the river. You should have heard the way the boy cried for his mother. But don't worry, he's fine. I think." added Charles.

"Look James, I know your father is a martial-art instructor and you are a good fighter; but climbing trees are different. You must not be afraid of heights and you must have a good sense of balance. Both of your legs also must be in the correct position when you're climbing." explained Scott.

"Who taught you how to climb, Scott?" asked James further.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Go ahead, we'll see about that," chorused James and Charles.

"You see, my father used to own a monkey. His name was "Dag". Well, I used to play with it when I was three years old. Dag was the one who taught me how to climb."

"How is it possible for a monkey to teach you?" asked James, scratching his head.

"Well, he didn't actually teach me. At that age, my mother used to let me play in the garden with Dag. Then one day, I followed him to a nearby coconut tree. It climbed up and pulled me up as well. It was from that day I was able to climb trees as good as a monkey." said Scott, smiling proudly.

"Well, there's no doubt about that. You look like one too." Charles joked as he got up and started running away. Scott was annoyed and chased Charles. But Charles was too fast for him so he gave up chasing. Then he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

"How could you remember what happened at the age of three?"

Scott turned around and saw James and Charles smiling at him.

"I couldn't of course, but my parents told me so. You don't think I'm lying do you?"

"No, you look serious. We were just surprised how could remember so well." answered Charles.

"I have got to go now. My mother will be searching for me." said Scott.

"Alright, I suppose we have to go too. Bye, Scott." said James

"Bye Scott" piped Charles.

"Bye" said Scott and walked home slowly. Suddenly he heard something moving between the bushes near him. He turned around and saw a big black dog growling at him. It's eyes were red and saliva was drooling from its mouth.

"Oh great. Not you again. Just perfect! I suppose there's a tree somewhere..." though Scott.

Just as soon a he thought of a plan, the dog started chasing him. Luckily there was a coconut tree nearby and he quickly climbed up. The dog was still at the bottom. Scott plucked a coconut fruit and aimed it at the dog's body. He dropped the fruit and it was a perfect shot. The dog wailed and ran away. 

"Serves you right," laughed Scott. "That's not the end of my revenge, you stupid dog. Wait till I get my hands on you!"

Scott then climbed down and went home. This was a good story for him to tell his friends tomorrow.


"Oh, that dog. I outran him last time when he tried to chase. He sure is scary looking. I've never seen such a horrid face before!" explained Charles.

"I know! There this fable going around the village that the dog actually belongs to a very evil shaman. Probably that's how that dog got red eyes."

"You guys, don't believe fables. Those are just lies." said James, scraping paint of the faded table at Scott's house.

"Well, I have a great idea guys!" said Charles. "If we kill the dog, once and for all it will stop bothering all of us. It will be more easier to walk home without having to worry about being chased down by that horrid dog."

"But how, Charles? We can't just catch it and kill it with our hands. It's bigger than us, for your information!" Interrupted James looking very worried.

"We can make a hole in the ground and cover it with some leaves. Then I would lead the dog to the hole. When it falls into the trap, we can easily kill it with stones. I love shooting animals with my catapult," said Scott.

"All right, I guess I'll have to agree with this. But I suggest we put the hole next to an anthill. That way, when the dog is in the hole, we can push the anthill into the hole so the dog can die slowly. That would be very entertaining." said James, out of the blue.

"Wouldn't that be too cruel?" asked Scott.

"And what part in throwing stones at a dog with a catapult isn't cruel?" James shot back.

"Good point. Let's get ready for the plan. Charles, do you have a hoe?" asked Scott.

"I suppose there's a couple at my house. We'll start early tomorrow morning. It's about to go dark know. We'll meet here at 7am sharp." said Charles.


The next day, the boys met at Scott's house. Charles showed up with two hoes and they where all ready to set the trap. 

"Have you guys had your breakfast yet?" asked Scott. 

"I have. A very filling one too." answered James.

"I did too. We need a lot of energy to set this trap today. We need to find place where the dog can't find us while we're setting the trap." said Charles.

"I know a place. Come on!" exclaimed James.


The boys went to the deep part of the forest and started to set the trap. By noon, they had already a dug a whole that was probably almost 6 feet deep. It was deep enough so the dog couldn't climb back up again. Although they did have a hard time climbing up because they were smaller than the hole. They covered the hole up with leaves and made sure the anthill was loosened so they could easily push it in the hole later on.

"Alright, Charles. Time to find that stupid dog and end its useless life!" said James, quite excited.

"Remember guys, follow the plan. Charles, make sure you're not the one to fall into the hole. I'll be hiding in that tree up there and James will be in those bushed beneath the tree I'm hiding in. All clear?"

"Yes" chorused James and Charles.


Charles started wandering around the dog's usual hangout places.

"Hey stupid dog! I'm here already, come out come out wherever you are. I know you want to chase me so badly." Charles shouted next to a chicken farm where the dog always hangs out everyday.

Suddenly there was a really scary growl behind him. Charles wasn't afraid this time. He ran to the trap's direction and skipped the hole. After a few seconds he heard the dog wail. He turned around to see no dog chasing him. 

"This is perfect, the plan worked!" Charles shouted to his friends.

They all gathered around the hole and saw the dog barking and growling at them. Luckily, the hole was deep enough so the dog couldn't get out. They started throwing rocks at the dog but instead of seeing a dog yelping and wailing, begging for mercy, the dog just kept growling and barking like there was no tomorrow.

"This isn't working!" shouted Charles.

"Yeah, you don't have to remind me, I cans see that!" Scott shouted back, still throwing rocks.

"Why don't we just throw a big rock on its head and push the anthill in the hole?" said a furious and impatient James.

James picked up a very big rock and aimed it at the dog's head. 


Perfect head shot. The dog started wailing and whimpering, and with that James turned to his friends and proudly bowed. Scott and Charles also seemed very impressed. Finally, they pushed the anthill over the dog. And with a last yelp, it instantly died.

The boys celebrated for a short while and decided to reward themselves with coconut juice back at Scott's home. At the end of the day, the said their goodbyes and went home, with a huge smile on their faces. Who would've known, that would be their last time they would ever smile in their lives?

After that day on, the boys were miserable than ever. Every where they go, the dog's spirit haunts them. The would get bruises, scars and bite marks. The curse on them was irreversible. They had tried every spell and called every shaman they knew, and nothing could make the the curse go away.

For years they suffered. They tried to commit suicide just to get out of this hell, but they were immortal. Immortal but not in a good way. They were cursed to suffer for the rest of eternity. Just a small trap being that was set up by three curious boys could bring so much sufferings. They could never die. All they could do is just suffer the evil things being brought to them by the dog. An animal so simple yet so powerful that could cause harm to three little boys, for the rest of their lives.

It might sound impossible, but they never did have a peaceful life since then. They couldn't sleep because they would have nightmares, they couldn't go out because they where afraid of being harmed by the dog. But either way, the dog would visit their homes daily just to torture them till they think they are going to die but they can't and he would do that every single day, not missing one single appointment. Nobody lives in the village anymore except for the three boys that brought disgrace and harm to the village.

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