By The Sea

By the sea I come to find peace. I watch the waves and the ships that come in.Just to hear the whisper of the wind.


1. By The Sea

I come to the sea

To watch the waves rise high

To hear the whisper of the wind

To feel the breeze against my skin


As I look out the moon is full

The stars are bright

It is so silent

I can think


I love the sea

So quiet and peaceful

So wide and deep

With the ships that sail


As I walk along

I find the sea shells

So beautiful to see

I listen at my ear of the sea


I look up at the moon

Make a wish

I know will come true

The sea is there for me


By the sea is where I want to be

My home I will make it

I will lay under the moon and stars

It will all be my own


Dolphins are playing

Seagulls overhead

People gathered around

The sea so blue


It is a sight to see

So much to do

On the seashore

By the sea

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