A Lonely Soldier

A lonely soldier all alone on his own had to leave family and friends alone. Has to get used to being alone and learn new friend.


1. A Lonely Soldier

A Lonely soldier

All alone

Away from home

No place to call his own


Has to make new friends

No way to get in touch for awhile

Has to get up early

Work out when told


Out in the fields

Days and weeks at a time

No food or water at times

Sleep in foxholes


He is lost

Does not know how

He feels

A lonely soldier


Has to watch for enemies

Kill them to

If need be

He wonders if he can do it


He sees so much sorrow

And so much pain

No happiness

For the country he's in


Sometimes at night

He cries in his sleep

For the little one left in the street

Has dreams so bad


A lonely soldier

He feels left out

Like no one cares

The life of a soldier


He is brave

He is strong

Working to keep

Us safe from harm


He puts his fear

To rest

Puts his life on

The line


Just to save his country

It is his duty

This he knows

A lonely soldier


Has a girlfriend back home

Wonder's if she will wait

For his return

A lonely soldier


He wants so much

To hold her again

Say I love you

Will you marry me


That is the life of

A lonely soldier

Not knowing what

Will happen


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