My Best Friend & Love

Niall Horan left for X Factor UK when he was 16. He not only leaves his home and parents, but he is leaving behind his best friend Mason Fells.
The boy and girl have been best friends since birth, well Niall is only five weeks older. But the two are incredible.
What will happen when Mason and Niall reunit at a signing for Niall's band, One Direction?


2. Concert Time

Mason's POV:

"LET'S GO MAS!" my best friend Anna Beth yelled at me from the door, "We are gonna be late and wait in line for forever!!"

Anna Beth was born in London, where we are right now, but her and her father moved to Ireland when she was about 14. But we became best friends when we were 16.

"Fine. I'm here I just had to get my purse," I said to her as we left her brother's flat. We got to the car and started driving to the arena.

Anna Beth's brother, Finn, is 19 and he lives in London. He got a flat and is letting us stay here for a month since Anna Beth hasnt been here in a long time, and I've never been here before & Finn is like an older brother to me, and because we got here Wednesday so that we could go to a concert Annna Beth and I have been waiting for for 3 months now. And the we are extra excited becasue its Saturday and tonight is this concert!

The concert we are going to is One Direction!!

We are huge fans. We both go crazy for them, Anna Beth more than me. For certain reasons.

We arrived at the arens that One Direction is playing at and we see that there is a huge line filled with screaming girls already. Well makes sense since the concert is in 2 hours.

"OKAY! Are you ready to have the night of your life!? With your best friend and the loves of your lives!?" she said squealing as we got in line.

"YES! Ahhh!" I jumped up and down. We started cracking up.

"Only 2 more hours."


Concert time!! Omg! I'm so excited! But not as much as Anna Beth.

"Dude! DUDE! It's starting here we go!" Anna Beth said trying to touch the stage, we are front row. We screamed a long with the thousands of other girls.

"HELLO LONDON! HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING TONIGHT!!" everyone screamed at the top of their lungs as we heard Liam greet us and the other boys running on stage like Liam did.

"ITS GREAT TO BE HERE!' Louis smiled.

"WHO'S READY TO HAVE SOME FUN!?" Niall asked getting the crowd pumped.

Wait. What? Crap!

I forgot Niall was in One Direction. Well not really, no one could forget. Especially me.

Everyone keep screaming but me.

The lads were waving at everyone in the crowd and the music started to play. Then he looked over at Anna Beth and I.

We made eye contact.




Sorry to everyone, and the lady who commented on this story. I'm from America so I dont know what Irish or British names for girls would be. I'm trying my best. Sorry! But please keep reading!

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