Beauty to me



1. Everything about you is beauty to me

You cried for me tonight. You caught my tears in your cupped palms, you caressed my splitting skin with sighs and promises, you let my stumbling body lean against your own.

You gathered up the broken part of my puzzle piece soul, and showed me where all the pieces used to go. I’d forgotten what I used to look like. I do not remember what it was like to have flesh that had no need of stitches.

You showed me how to move against the tide when the waves came. You showed me when to dive and when to jump; when to let the ocean current crash against me, and when to hold my breath & hope.

You wove normalcy through my flesh, stitching colours of possibility through the fabric of my soul. As your whispers touched the tear tracks down my cheeks, you told me of dates & coffee & kisses by the door step. 

You watched me cry. You watched me crack, exposed to the heat of realisations and diagnoses. You watched my bones break under the strain of acronyms, and you caught me before I hit the bottom of the bottomless pit.

You kissed my wrists, and slid your fingers against the flesh that deserved to be destroyed. You wrote your name along my hipbones in permanent marker, a reminder of the way you feel wrapped around me in imagination.

When I told you I did not understand your love, you cried. I watched exasperation, sadness, frustration escape and scream their presence. I watched you pull at your hair, in the absence of my body to pull against yours. I watched you break. You watched me break.

We broke together. 

And then we put ourselves back together again, with kisses, promises and moonlight smiles.

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